silver & gold

Remember that song in girlscouts? Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the…Anyway, blogging has connected us with some new friends, as well as a few we were already quite fond of. Just wanted to thank all of them for the support. Happy exploring…
An artist’s blog…she says, “Change is only one brush stroke, one word, one painted chair, one cut up magazine away.”
oh joy
To find some girlie designer goodness…and she’s from Philly.
An inspired lover of fashion and art…and she does really cool illustrations.
“A visual filtration of ideas + aesthetics + amusement.” Yes.
Features home and product design, and she has some real good taste.
A good friend of the free people crew. I think the word “seamsters” says enough.

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17 years ago

Hi FPGirl,
Thanks for the shout out. Fly loves Free People!
These other links are great!
Also, I have a question to ask but didn’t want to ask you here, is there anyway you can email me?

17 years ago

Oh Cool! Thanks for the link. That’s a fun treat! Love the Holiday displays. What a fun thing to work on.

17 years ago

thanks for the shout glad you guys started a blog! ;)

17 years ago

Love the clothes, love the design, love the blog. But you already knew that! Stoked to be linked by you!

17 years ago

thanks for the link guys!

16 years ago

I love clothes ans and thiks for the link guys

9 years ago

awesome tips about colors and gold….keep writing

9 years ago

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8 years ago

awesome tips

8 years ago

Excellent tips, grateful.