india catalog photos

Wanted to show you a little “behind the scenes” on the photography process from our India shoot. A bunch of the photos were actually taken with a Polaroid camera. The film had this really cool black black border with punctured holes. Stay tuned for more info on the photography, as I will introduce you to our photographers!

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ohhhh my gosh…i haft to know what camera that was..i just haft to….if you find out the model i promise to send you a present:)

great!One of my goals is to photograph for free people!


the new model with black hair is gorgeous.

i’m really curious what kind of film that is – what a gorgeous pile of photographs…just beautiful!


If you’re going to be introducing the behind the scenes people I’d love to be introduced to your graphic designers.

About the camera used, this is a quote from crackerfarm…”it was a broken toyo with a 135mm lens and of course, a broken polaroid 4X5 holder! (not even kidding)”


with all the technology out, my Polaroid is still my go to for happy snaps.



Can you post a link for the March (India style) catalog? Thanks!

Hi Anonymous. We only keep the past two catalogs on the web at one time. I don’t think there is a way to access out older books. Sorry…


What do you suggest doing to become a photographer for free people? I understand that for a model, they need an agent. Is that correct?

Hi Kaya,
Do you have a portfolio online? Send us the link and we’ll check it out…

Tanisha Shama

Wow! This is Rajasthan I believe! It’s the most mysterious place in India. Best location for any freepeople shoot. :)