how do you wear your FP???

Free People is in love with mixing it up… mismatched prints, soft feminine with tough boy elements, the pulled-together with the super care-free. How do you wear your Free People? I know there are some Free People girls out there with some serious style. Well we wanna see it!
I’ve set up a flickr group where you can post pics of your personal FP looks. You don’t have to be in head to toe Free People, I think it’s cool to see how everyone mixes things into their wardrobe. We’ll be checking out the photos and the comments people leave. I’ll post some of your photos that really stand out on the blog, and somebody might even get contacted to participate in a Free People catalog shoot!
The above photos are some of the girls that work in our store in Paramus NJ. So style up your Free People and post some photos here!!!

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16 years ago

Oh, those are my favorite girls at Paramus!! Always so helpful and very stylish. Cool!

16 years ago

This is fun. I posted some pics (probably too many–but I do wear free people a lot). I think you have to be signed in to the group to see my pics .

16 years ago

LOVE this idea! Can’t wait to see what people will do with this. I look at a blog called “The Sartorialist” sometimes, and it’s great to see candids of peoples’ personal styles.

16 years ago

Hi, fellow free people girls, just wanted to write in to say I LOVE THIS IDEA. It’s so cool! I didn’t know free people had a blog until some friends told me about it. I love to see how us girls can mix it up a lttle. I will post some photos up later on this week.

16 years ago

i just love this idea!!

16 years ago

What a great idea! Love it!
Well, one of my hobbies is dressing up and matching my clothes to create new outfits ha ha ha.. Of course not all the time! But when I’m going out or getting ideas when searching fps website to see the new clothes.
I like to dress and have fun and feel comfortable with my outfit.
I have to stick at searching fps website and not having the possibility of going shopping (yes, is frustrating!). That’s because I don’t live in the U.S. so don’t have a Free People store close by, but every time I travel I try to buy something new or order online so the clothes are waiting for me when I arrive.
I know I’ll enjoy this very much. Can’t wait!
Now it can become a real hobby! Ha ha ha.. I’ll post some pictures soon.
Oh! By the way, participating in the Free People catalog shoot would be so cool! I have dreamt with this so many times ;-P

16 years ago

I’m just curious — what kind of discount do you get from working at FP?? Thanks :)

16 years ago

Love FLICKR!!! Wardrobe_Remix is a lot of fun too. Do you all have Free People stores in California?

Free People- Paramus!
16 years ago

Sarah! We love you too! xoxo!
free people

16 years ago

i love the free people girls at paramus too!

16 years ago

Yay Paramus! Shout out to my girls in NJ. Always so helpful and simply adorable. Me = camera shy but if my husband sneaks a photo, I can almost guarantee that I’ll be in FP head to toe. It’s all I wear. And I’ll post fer-sher.

16 years ago

I don’t use clothes from this brand but i like the jeans the girl in the right is wearing could you pleas send the name of the style ,price and stule number.

16 years ago

i thought i recognized those girls… paramus free people!!!! :) always so helpful
this is an awesome idea, btw.