I’m sure you’ve noticed all this talk about “homestead” on our website the last week or two. What’s homestead? It’s the name of our latest trend concept. Since we didn’t do a catalog inspired by this trend, I thought I’d give you some of the info we use in the home office to connect to this idea. Check out this poem written by one of our girls on the creative team…
land of buffalo bones and tumbling stones.
old guns and whispering ghosts,
forbidden love and untamed hearts.
old time desperado and willful maiden.
lonesome prairie and wild frontier.
across the wide, open, airy fields,
through tall weeds and wild flowers.
plaid skirt, dusty wind blown hair,
dandelion petals in your eyelashes.
my senses obscured by white lace and
a curling trail of gun smoke.
lay your blouse across the chair
let fall the flowers
from your hair
and kiss me
with that country mouth
so plain

and shop for pieces inspired by homestead here!

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16 years ago

why didnt u do a catalog?

16 years ago

Beautiful, my favorite part is dandelion petals in your eyelashes, it’s visual I absolutely love it

16 years ago

Hi! I was just wondering if you knew if fp is going to make any other sizes for the lap top bags? they should make some the next size up for people without the notebook lap tops!! i would buy one in a hearbeat!!! p.s. LOVE the new homestead trend!!

16 years ago

For anonymous… We don’t do catalogs for every trend, even though recently we’ve been putting out catalogs more frequently. Sometimes there’s budget reasons, sometimes there aren’t enough styles in one trend to warrant a whole book, sometimes it’s because of timing. There are all kinds of reasons. But don’t worry, a new catalog will be coming your way shortly!

16 years ago

Hi Emily!
I think I heard something about two different sizes but let me check and I’ll get back to you.

16 years ago

NICE–I love the Ray Lamontagne reference.

16 years ago

Ok great, thanks!!

11 years ago

very nice dress :)

This is still available in 2011 ?

Thanks, Adeline

5 years ago

Thanks for Shearing Such a nice catalog.