free people opens in california!

On Monday, we opened our newest store and the first store ever on the west coast! Visit us in Del Amo! The store design is completely new. Our designers planned this store to reflect the California aesthetic and lifestyle, making the space more airy and “modern”. Even the store front is a new design.

The store front is inspired by a vintage kimono print. We’ll be using this same print on other store fronts, but for this store we had a mural artist actually paint the print. I talked with one of the girls from our display team that was responsible for finding the mural artist. She seriously found him on! The internet rules. Anyway, check out the store!


  1. Do you have any information on when the chicago store will be open? I am going to be there soon and hope to check it out…

  2. omg that free people is so pretty. thats the prettiest free people ive ever seen really. wow.

  3. gah it looks so amazing.
    i seriously can’t wait for the new free people store to open at Northpark Center in Dallas.
    i so want to be a “real” fp girl and work there.

  4. have to agree with the above; it looks much more sterile than the way i would picture a free people space. its still beautiful, but leans a way from the brand aesthetic..

  5. It hardley looks like Free People, The East Coast stores are way better looking.That’s part of the coolness of FP, it doesn’t look like every other store.

  6. it just looks so boring! its beautiful but i don’t like the while walls and it seems like theres no character to it. it looks very commercial to me… get that visual team in there asap!!!

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