becky kelso

We would like to introduce you to jewelry designer Becky Kelso. We have been selling her jewelry since we’ve opened our first Free People store, and her rings have always been a favorite of our customers.
Becky grew up in a family of artists, studied fashion design in California, but never really took to sewing. She moved to Mexico and ended up as an apprentice to a jeweler. Here she learned silversmithing and found her true calling. Now Becky lives and works in California, making beautiful jewelry inspired by her life and travels.
Check out Semi Precious Faceted Silver Ring

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16 years ago


16 years ago

Can you tell me if you have the Canvas Princess Backpack
Style #: 74B0017
in any of your stores? and if so what one and what is the number?

16 years ago

Hi Candace. I don’t easily have access to our store inventory. You could call our call center and they should be able to direct you to a store. 800-309-1500. Hope they can help!