candace ang

We would like to share a little background info about one of our favorite jewelry designers, Candace Ang.
Candace Ang is and artist and designer based in Los Angeles. Formally trained in fashion design at Parsons in New York, Candace has always remained true to her first love – Jewelry. Her namesake jewelry collection is an eclectic reflection of what she finds fascinating that season, from silk and crystals to laser cut Lucite and vintage chains, the line is as interesting and varied as her inspirations. Her bold approach is certainly not for wallflowers and the underlying style of each collection is distinctively branded in her own “edgy – romantic “style.
Candace says, “My vision for the collection is to take what I love in high fashion, pop culture, vintage and even the decorative arts and create something new in jewelry. I think there are so many unexplored materials outside of the regular beads and gemstones. While these elements are beautiful and classic, I would like to push perceptions and make jewelry that is a true statement piece. For me, jewelry is just another art form that you can wear. “
How does one mix all those elements in daily life? Candace says, “In fashion these days, there are no lines. You can wear street with couture and no one would blink an eye. It’s all how you put it together that makes ones individual style. One day I can wear a punk rock look and the next I’ll be in a vintage dress with heels. “
Available at Free People is Candace’s Double Fleur Necklace and her Falling Chandelier Necklace. There are more pieces from Candace Ang coming in soon, so keep an eye out!

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15 years ago

Hey, just wanted to add a rather off topic comment- the cropped free people sweater thingy with the asymmetrical brass buttons has shown up in two TV shows recently, Bionic Woman and Private Practice. While I was sick watched both shows online and was surprised to see it- black on BW and green on PP. Just wanted to let you know!

15 years ago

Marvelous! It’s inspiring to see your jewelry designers spotlighted! I make and sell jewelry on Etsy, so I love the craft. : )
The Falling Chandelier is so beautiful, and what a great name! Naming jewelry is half the fun.

15 years ago

OH WOW – I really love this designer! I have been seeing her work around alot in magazines and stuff….it’s really cool to see it here and that you guys support young, fresh talent!

13 years ago

Hi there!
O love your blog (: I can see that you lika Candace Ang, and so do we! Check out our blog-posting her jewelry and a interview with her! a great day!’
// Linda