crochet trees!

We got some comments asking for more details of our giant crochet tree display. Here you go! This is the prototype tree our display team made in their workspace at the home office.
The visual team crochetters worked from the top down, starting with a styrofoam ball, crochetting around it and then down, connecting to big rings as we went. Then we crochetted garland to drape on the tree, and crochetted around little styrofoam balls to be “ornaments.” Then we had to chop the rings in quarters, folded the tree up, and sent it to india to be reproduced. As you can see from the pictures of the final one in the stores, they’re all a little different. But it looks great and is a wonderful handmade treasure.


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15 years ago

wow, that’s awfully nice of you to post more info on this!! Thank you :) I also have a note about the map that is displayed on your find a store page. I don’t want to sound nasty or anything, but would just like to point out that the upper pennisula of MI is not part of Wisconsin… i love my state very much and just needed to give it a shout out for accurate representation (a line between the UP and NE WI and all) . GO PACKERS!!!

15 years ago

Love these trees! they are all so unique, I sure would love to put one in my home each christmas! I hope you put a FP store in Orange County soon!

15 years ago

eee! this is so precious, i especially love the details of the last two shots :)

15 years ago

Amazing!!!! I love it.

15 years ago

Ana and Erin are so cool! I met them at a party and they were so nice and down to earth. FP clothes are awesome, but the people designing them even better!

15 years ago

i just saw one of these in the store in the king of prussia mall yesterday and absolutely loved it. is there any chance i can find out what kind of yarn you guys used for the trees? it’s so thick and lush and just gorgeous. as a knitter, i would love to get my hands on some of it.

15 years ago

Hey Sara. I’ll check with the display team and hopefully get back to you with an answer!!

absolutely wonderful tree.
we’ll feature it!