january catalog

Our January catalog drops today! The collection was inspired by Spain and we shot it in Mexico. It was shot in 2 locations near merida, mexico…
The first was a restaurant owned by a lebanese man who’s lived in and ran
the same restaurant for over 40 years…the second was a hacienda refurbished by our production scout and her husband, which is out in the countryside…complete with horses, dogs, chickens, baby boars (and an unexpected tarantula)!
Check it out online and watch the behind the scenes video… The music is a song called “Rector Street” by Levy.


  1. Hello…New catalog prompted me to look at the web site and I found and fell in love with that sweet little Ferdinand the Bull card. I would love to know where you found this little gem?
    Many Thanks

  2. Where did Free People come up with the MSRP for the leather jacket? It’s gorgeous, but the price-point is in hyperbole with the rest of the Free People’s line.

  3. I was just wondering if the model on the cover is the british actress Hannah Murray. If it is, she is wonderful and did a great job in your catalogue. If not, this girl is terrific as well. thanks!

  4. Hi Elizabeth! No, the model is not Hannah Murray. She is a Russian model named Nadia, who, I quote our creative director, was “freakin hilarious”
    Glad you like her in our new book!

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