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*First name: Luren
*How long have you worked at Free People? Close to 2 years
*Tell me about your job: I draw on the walls at the new Free People stores during the openings, mostly in the fitting rooms. I design the seasonal visual display that goes to all the stores with my team, which means looking everywhere for inspiration, shopping in thrift stores, trying things out here in our studio, and seeing through production of anything that we make overseas. And I work on the designs for the packaging (the fabric shopping bags you get when you buy clothes at a Free People store).
*What do you like best about working at FP? I get a lot of creative freedom and responsibility, which is exciting because we get to be the face of the retail side of the brand–the part that people see when they’re wandering down the street or shopping in the mall. We get to make really inspirational, special setups in the store that get people using their imaginations and staying in the stores to look at everything we did to make it special, and that gets them to look at the amazing clothes!
Favorite FP items. Why? We The Free! The Relaxed Pullover Hoodie and the We the Free Short Sleeve Rugby Stripe. Anything from WE THE FREE. Looking forward to all the new products that are about to drop.
Tell me about your dog. I LOVE ALL DOGS. But I can’t have my own because I travel all the time for work and to explore the world. So I get to love all the dogs around the Navy Yard, without getting to spoil just one with all my attention. But IDA lives in my house, so she’s my most favorite!
What do you do when not at work? I design textiles, run a gallery and a gallery store which sells artist-made products with some friends, tie-dye old clothes in my yard, cook, grow vegetables in my garden, draw, travel, and I just wrote a book about screenprinting at home called Print Liberation .
What do you like best about Philly? I love Philadelphia. It’s a really easy place to do your own thing. You’re not in the world spotlight like you are in cities like NYC and LA so the pressure is off and people get to dig their heels in the ground and do what they feel passionate about. Which means people are more real and more straightforward. It’s cheap, so your life isn’t on the line if you screw up. People are hardworking and inspired.
Anything else? Picture credit: Mike Wilkes
Note: in pictures I’m in India working on display production, and wearing a free people burnout shirt

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14 years ago

So Luren is the one that does all the designs for the fitting rooms? I LOVE THE FITTING ROOMS!!! Does she strictly work for FP or would it be possible for her to paint a mural (like in the FP fitting rooms) in my house?

Arin Michelle
14 years ago

Luren, if you would like it, I have a tiny gift for you! During the V-day craft swap, I made an extra picture frame, I know it’s isn’t as cool as your art, but your designs totally inspired me, and I’d like to give this as a token of my appreciation for all he work that you do. I can mail it to Philly if you would like to see your designs/style translated by me. Perhaps you can use it in the studio for something…maybe?
~Arin Michelle

14 years ago

Arin, that is so so sweet. I’m sure Luren will love to see what you have created. I’m going to send you an email now…

Shari Yellin
14 years ago

Luren I hope you can help me. I fell in love with these giant flowers on display at the free people store in paramus nj. I would love to find out where to purchase them for centerpieces for my daughters bat mitzvah. can you help me .

14 years ago

I am interning with Teen Vogue in NYC right now and have come to realize that it’s not for me. This caused me to panic because I thought editorial design was the way I wanted to go. The more and more I help our creative director, the more I realize that I am going to need a job with ALOT of creative freedom.
I would love to talk to you more about your position at Free People, what you studied in school… pick your brain because I am trying to feel out what direction I want to head in and it sounds like what you do… is dead on!

Gloria Miles
14 years ago

I love freepeople, the colors the style. I own lots of your clothing. I just bought a bag called Grandma’s Attic bag and I just love it. I live in California, I just found out you opened a store at the Stanford Mall. I will be visting that store tomorrow. I hope you will carry more shoes their. Whom ever is on your design/style staff they are very Artisic. Thank You, Freepeople. Gloria Miles