1. I’m obsessed with f.p! Have you guys ever considered opening a store in Seattle, WA? It would be amazing to have one here so I wouldn’t have to shop at Nordstrom or online all of the time :)

  2. Yay I am so excited! See how obsessed I am, first thing in the morning I check to see if there was a reply to my question and to my liking there was….

  3. love the fp line. been waiting for stores to make it to southern california. now when are you coming to orange county???

  4. Hi I was wondering if you guys were going to open a store in Santa Barbra or San Luis Obispo, CA.

  5. Free People should come to Santa Fe, NM. Even though the city is small, the culture is amazing. Bohemian, artsy, environmental, multi-cultural, vibrant; how much more Free People can you get? All my friends and I would go crazy to have a store here, and Downtown Santa Fe needs some stores where you can buy beautiful clothes for less than thousands of dollars (seriously… it’s not cheap here). Come to Santa Fe!

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