may catalog is here!

Enough with all the suspense. The May catalog drops today, so check yer mailboxes, or check it out online.
A little about this month’s book…
Our May 08 catalog was based on a “by the seashore” concept… We’d been hitting up a lot of beautiful sandy beaches lately, so we wanted to explore something a little different.
Our senior stylist pointed us to the rocky beaches of central/northern California, especially the Big Sur area.
Anyone I’ve ever talked to about Big Sur has said nothing short of amazingly beautiful things about the place…so we packed up and headed west.
Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t very cooperative – it was quite cold and rainy a lot of the time.
And to boot, our brunette model got sick during the first day of shooting, so we brought in a 2nd girl at the last minute.
But it was great using 2 different faces…
We took a 12-passenger van out on 17-mile drive, starting off each morning near our hotel in Monterey and then driving through pebble beach (we ate lunch each day at a deli in the middle of the golf course), then onto Big Sur.
Spent a lot of time looking over cliffs at what we thought were sea lions, only to realize quite late in the game that they were really giant pieces of seaweed.
We were a little bummed…
This was our first all-girl outing, by the way…photographer, assistants, stylists, etc. very exciting!!!

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Chloe Cumbow
15 years ago

nice video. I was thinking boy those poor girls look frozen!
but very pretty.

Chloe Cumbow
15 years ago

Please come to Providence, Rhode Island. Way cool , lots of music, lots of indie style. We have an Urban, but I feel that the demographic here could support a Free People. LOL

15 years ago


15 years ago

I hope so Michelle! Right now it seems like the clothing is catering to a 17 year old instead of 26 year old!

15 years ago

hey all you staff members have a very healthy look, how come the clothes come in such a small sizes? I love the store but hard to fit in, get some bigger pants and bigger sizes in everything, I live in Canada and would like to buy by the internet but Im affraid I wont fit!…love your work…cheers