Announcing the Free People Style Event!

Hey Free People girls!
Show us your style! How do you wear your Free People? Head to toe? Flashes of flair?
We noticed that people would often upload pictures of themselves wearing
their Free People to our Facebook account, and we loved it! That got us thinking… and curious to see more!
Send us your pictures of you and your friends in your Free People
clothing, and we’ll put them all on our Flickr account!
Email your name, age, and current town with your pictures to, and we will upload them!
If you can, tell us which FP items you are wearing too!
Eventually, we’ll pick out some of our favorite styles and feature them on
the blog!
To get started, we put up a few pictures of our own employees rocking their
Free People here at the home office! You can check out our Flickr folder for
this event here!


  1. ahh i want to participate!! how long is this going on for? i’m in tokyo for the next week and a half!

  2. How beautiful and unique that the gal in the middle is letting her gray show-I love it all!

  3. Glad I found you guys-this is a great blog! does your sister, anthropologie, have a blog as well?

  4. Hey Georgia! You can totally participate! This will be going on for at least 3 weeks, possibly indefinitely. You have time!
    And Lacie – I have looked for an Anthro blog but I haven’t found one… I don’t think they have one!

  5. Oh my.. I am so glad I just found this. I saw it on UO but Free People is majority of what I wear! Glad I can flaunt it now. ;)

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