August catalog sneak peek!

For our newest catalog, which will be dropping this week(!) we thought it would be cool to have various volunteers around the office hand-write the catalog copy! Here is a little video showing everyone working on writing the catalog! We are so proud of this catalog and we’re sure you will all just love it! Tune in a little later this week for our catalog video!


  1. Just flipped through the online catalog and I have to say…I miss all the wonderful collage elements, enviromental photography and details I’ve come to love in FP’s previous catalogs. All that texture really gave a sense of atmosphere, depth and “history” to the clothes.
    What were you aiming for this time around?

  2. Hey Amy! Yes you’re right, B52’s!
    Wondering- don’t worry, the collages and scenery will be back in the next catalogs! For proof, check out my post from a couple days ago with gorgeous pictures of Virginia where we just shot two catalogs.
    For this catalog, we wanted to use a different approach. We felt the collection was very strong and we wanted to focus on clothes, and on the many personalities of the Free People girl, which is why we had a number of girls in this catalog.
    Also, rather than typing the product copy, we had people from all areas of the company hand-write it, and it was great to get people involved who don’t usually get to be a part of making the catalog.

  3. I thought that was a fantastic and creative idea. I really noticed all the hard work that went into the design. Good job.

  4. You guys did a great job on the catalog as usual. Though I love the scenery in others, this one had truly inspiring outfits and it’s refreshing to see something a little different once in a while.
    oh btw, the dog on page 6 is adorable. made me smile.

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