FP Holiday Playlist!

We have yet another fun holiday diversion for you! I recently went around and asked everyone here at the home office for their favorite holiday or wintertime songs! We have put them together on a playlist for you, which you can access by clicking here. Please note however, that you need to have iTunes installed on your computer to be able to view the playlist. We have been experimenting with different ways to put up playlists for you, so we of course welcome any feedback!
At any rate, check out the playlist! It includes over 30 songs, including this awesome classic sung by Eartha Kitt below…

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14 years ago

it doesnt work, with itunes installed : ( x

14 years ago

Love the playlist, got me straight into the iTunes site. With that and my FP clothes I am ready for holiday shows. Thanks!

Von Murphy
14 years ago

Free People: The best site; best clothing line; best models;best vibe!!
Glad to be here~von

14 years ago

great idea but the songs are not available in the canada store so can’t download.

14 years ago

it works for me here in ny!
i love xmas songs
one suggestion, i would love to listen to a stream of your list without having to purchase them. lots of streaming players are available that you could embed in your blog. i use : myflashfetish.com

14 years ago

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for all your feedback! And please feel free to continue to give it! We really appreciate it!
-Hey and thanks! I will definitely check out myflashfetish.com

14 years ago

free people is my favorite store of all time! The clothing is incredible: so creative and origional! This is my first time ever seeing the free people blog and I’m thrilled! I downloaded the backround for my compuer and it looks fantastic! Happy Holidays to all:)

14 years ago

Found your clothes on a web search – LOVE THEM!! Would you consider an outlet site – for those who are financially challanged??!!

14 years ago

can you put up a store playlist? I love the music that is played in the store, but i never know the names