animal collective

This picture completely trips me out! Focus on one spot in the picture and it will stop moving all around. It’s the cover from Animal Collective’s newest album, Merriweather Post Pavilion. Word is that this album is doing extremely well, which rocks, cause I love Animal Collective! Want to hear a song off the album? Go here to listen to the song My Girls.


  1. This is CRAZY,…I love it! Its freekin my eyes out but I want to keep watching it ha ha. I feel kind of dizzy after a while though :)

  2. oh my goodness, i am absolutely obsessed with this album. its heartbreakingly good. my girls makes me wanna shake it. and then the lyrics make my heart melt. its too good for words.
    i want to go to their show in LA on Friday the 23rd, everyone i know and love is going. but it is sold out and the only tickets i can find are going for $100. poor sad college student… im so sad. they are my favorite band!

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