december catalog hair how-to

Remember the super pretty hair wraps our stylist Monica did for the December catalog? Well we recently made a little video in which Monica shows us how we can make the hair wraps too!
To my delight, I got to have my hair be the example, so I had awesome wraps in my hair for a while! It was so fun! You guys should definitely try it! Find the tutorial below – enjoy!


  1. maybe FP can do a how-to video/blurb on those elusive FP dressing room curtains? my life just isn’t complete without them. if not a how-to, perhaps selling them online like the other awesome ‘home’ stuff!!?!? please?

  2. I love this but I do so many different styles with my hair daily, my hair is blonde, some brown, and purple bangs and purple peekaboos so it leaves me open to do very funky things. I am wondering if this is something that I could do to just wear one or two days and is easy to take out and re-use??

  3. Also, do you sell the products to do this or do you just show how to do it, I found this on easy but it doesn’t seem to be a shop to buy from.

  4. Oh I really want to watch this but it says the video is not available? It says it doesn;t exist anymore, and I desperately want to watch this–I love hair wraps. And now the site tells me I am posting comments too quickly, but this is the first comment I have ever posted!

  5. Can you please make this video available again? I have had in saved in my bookmark bar for ages and when I went to watch it finally, it no longer worked :(

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