Learning to knit with Jasmine! Episode 3

Jasmine of our sweater design team continues our knitting lessons in this third installment of Learning to Knit with Jasmine! This time, Jasmine shows us how to make a popcorn stitch, also known as baubles, for a more festive and interesting look! And if you missed episode 1 or episode 2, be sure to check them out! They’ll get you all caught up and ready to make baubles! Yay!

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11 years ago

knitting is one of my favorite things to do!!!
i wrote a feature on weardrobe, check it out?

11 years ago

Thanks for the knitting tutorials.. I basically knit all the time now, and I love saying that I learned how to from your blog. :)

9 years ago

Please bring lean how to knit back!!!

7 years ago

Please please please put more knitting blogs!!!!