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Today I came across this neat little feature in the New York Times. It’s a slide show with some audio. The slide show features some nice street fashion shots by Bill Cunningham, NYT Photographer. The audio is a very interesting little blurb where Bill conjectures that fashion is going to have some really dramatic changes as a result of our current financial problems. Bill is surprisingly older, and remembers the Great Depression, so he has experience to back up his hypothesis. It’s an interesting feature, worth checking out. What do you think? Do you think fashion is going to change a lot over the coming year or two as a result of the financial crisis? What types of things do you think might change?

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11 years ago

Well, reserch shows that
consignment and thrift stores have seen a
66.2% sales increase from January through
August of 2008, according to
I remember shopping around with only older
ladies in thrifts, but have found more
and more young people have been
ransacking the thrift stores. I sell as well as buy on ebay, both
nice vintage and lightly worn designer wear is always in.
The financial crisis just might make people become a little
more creative with wardrobes.

11 years ago

I def think that people will get more creative with the wardrobes they have…. I real a lot of magazines and have noticed a lot more articles on how to wear items you already have in many different ways.
For the most part, i feel that creativity and handmade items will be more treasured than before…. Perhaps those crafty people will be able to make their money easier from selling their items!

Chloe Cumbow
11 years ago

. .”surprisingly older…” whoo boy, there’s a memorable line for ya.
So, are you surprised that I’m how old? -or- are you surprised at what the surprisingly old person did or said….?
I don’t know, just made me stop & write.
Been going to thrift stores my whole life, when I have money & when I had none. All my Gap is from the Salvation Army & St Vincent’s.
Recently I’ve cut the sleeves off of sweaters for leg warmers, for $1.25 they are fabulous and warm.
Surprisingly Older. Now I’ll be up all night. Love, Chloe C.

11 years ago

Hi Chloe!
I feel horrible to think that the phrase “surprisingly older” might have offended you or anyone, and I’m terribly sorry.
When I used the phrase “surprisingly older” to describe Bill Cunningham, I was referring to the fact that Bill is 80, and I don’t ordinarily see a lot of fashion commentary from 80 year old men. His commentary is informed and intelligent, and he uses his years of experience to make interesting points. I certainly did not mean to imply that 80 year old people, or any people, are too old for fashion and are not fashionable, I only meant that, again, you don’t see many 80 year old men discussing it out on a public forum.
There are no ages that are inherently unfashionable or negative, and if I implied that with what I said, I am terribly sorry. That was not my intent. If I could go back and omit that I would. Every age is great, and there is no limit to fashion.

11 years ago

I think this is a great and valuable point! 2008 has already seen fashion trends in Japan steer away from years of luxury house worship to a sudden desire for more natural and softer looks at more reasonable prices for its younger generation. For example their eco-bag “boom” where some of the most popular bags of last Spring were $20.00 or less natural fiber bags. Often these were even sold out due to their high demand. So I wouldn’t be surprised to see a trend of more natural/easy-going looks like finding a good pair of jeans and wearing them throughout the week without care. Or taking full advantage of layering where even a summer item can be winter ready with a simple addition of a turtleneck underneath!