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11 years ago

I love this video!!!!
BtW I love the shorts paired with the Peach Bottom Blazer and Printed Dolman Halter top. Does anyone know what brand those are?

11 years ago

I love Nico! I’ve never seen this before it is awesome

Chloe Cumbow
11 years ago

whoa. was that a blast from the past. Funny how things
like a smell, a taste, a song can take you right back.
Thanks FP girl! Love, Chloe C.

FP Sara
11 years ago

Hey! Those great cut off shorts you wrote about, they are SIWY brand shorts and FP will have them next month around March 9th! In the mean time FP has white denim shorts called the Rugged Cut-Off Short (Item # 93P0097). They will be available on the site this coming Monday the 9th.
Thanks!! :)

11 years ago

Thanks! They are so cute, I cant wait to get them!!

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