portable toaster knife thing!?!

This little gadget, which looks rather like a butter knife, is actually a portable toaster! Apparently you just “glide” the toaster over your slice of bread, and the bread gets toasted! And if you couldn’t tell just by looking at your bread, the cute little graphic on the toaster changes as you toast your bread to let you know how far along your toast is. Sheesh! It looks cute, but it also looks like it has the potential to be more trouble than it’s worth. What do you guys think?
See more about the toaster here. Via Oobject.


  1. Wow, talk about being innovative!
    I think this is an absolutely incredible idea that makes toasts accessible and convenient to make! But there should be a big warning sign that says “keep at least 10 meters away from any children’!
    I mean, this has the potential to hurt a lot of delicate fingers!

  2. where is the wire i wonder…
    up his sleeve i should think!
    its *darn pretty* but it would use it just once before putting it in the cupboard with the blenders and other new fangled technology!

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