yay for beach boys!

I found the original music video for The Beach Boys’ song Wouldn’t It Be Nice and it makes me so happy, just like the song! It’s really cute and it looks like they’re having so much fun! The perfect song for a pleasant Saturday…


  1. In earnest it just made me want to smile. And I hope I can pass my smile on at some point in time today.

  2. my petite school altered this song and used this for an interite (sp?) contest…we didnt win, but it was a snazzy little video. but i havent been uber extatic with the beach boys since last summer; they were suppose to play at a nearby fair and refused to play in front of a large american flag…im not and uber patriot or anything but i always thought of them as an all american kinda band.

  3. oh yes! i was just singing this song in my head this very morning. and thinking of what a sweet song it is. and I come on here, and look, there it is! so good….

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