Nikki B: jewelry to support women

We are really excited to be selling jewelry from Nikki B designing from Santiago,Chile. Nikki employs women in Chile to bead jewelry in their homes on their own time providing extra income. The extra income helps many of these women and their families, paying for running hot water or their children’s education.
Nikki’s inspiration is the beautiful country of Chile, it’s colors and landscape as well as her own intrinsic modern taste. The jewelry is made with glass beads, handmade sterling silver and vermeil beads, seeds, shells, semi precious stones, silk thread, leather and local mystical wood carvings from the mountain region of Chile.
Check out all of Nikki B’s styles on

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14 years ago

i love the second necklace! it is so delicate and pretty yet very fresh looking…so simple yet it looks like there could be flowers or shells on it! i love it!