wang’s t-shirt secrets

I love this quote from Alex Wang. Do you have any tricks to making your t-shirts or anything else (jeans, boots, etc) super comfy and worn looking? I like to wash new t-shirts, and stretch out the neck a bit. How about you???
found via accessory of crime


  1. whenever i get new shoes i wear them in my house for a couple of days, until they get broken in…when they’re high heels, my parents get super annoyed! i’m not a fan of super tight jeans, so to loosen my newly bought jeans up a bit, i usually spend a good hour on the trampoline jumping up and down with them on…yeah i’m weird =]

  2. I’ll even up that to third day jeans… by then they barely hug on the hips and they hang in such a way that they make make my torso appear 4 inches longer! I actually learned this trick from watching my boyfriend not wash his jeans for ages and how they hung on his body. Dirty sexy is still sexy.

  3. on those days that I feel like not combing my hair I enjoy the secret of walking around in a shirt I slept in.

  4. I thought this was the oddest thing I did, but I totally do this! Usually on Thursday nights so I’m ready for casual Friday at work. I still feel so comfy and the bad thing is I wish I was still in bed sleeping! Thanks for sharing this quote :)!

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