look at this headband!

I saw this picture over on Knight Cat and I can’t get it out of my head! What sticks in my mind is that chain headband! I know that more than likely it isn’t very comfortable, but with the current craze for all things chained and studded, I have to confess I like it! It caught my eye immediately. Have you guys seen any chain headbands elsewhere? Do you think it looks cool too, or are you not feeling it? Has anyone worn one? Are they comfortable? Thoughts please!

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11 years ago

I think it’s Erin Wasson’s “crown of thorns” for her jewelry line. It’s REALLY expensive but they used all her jewelry on the Alexander Wang Fall 09 runway. She also had this really awesome chain vest thingy and I noticed Free People has one a lot like it for way less :)

11 years ago

Wow! I made some chain headbands a few months ago! Check them out on my Etsy!
They are braided leather and chain. ;-D

11 years ago

i hopped on this trend right away!
they are actually super comfy, as long as the chain isnt to heavy or gets caught in your hair. you might also need some pins to help keep it up if the chain is a little on the heavy side but otherwise, this style rocks!!

11 years ago

I loved this trend! It is actually very comfortable some are even more comfortable with a little silk band weaved throughout the chain as well. And a side note please please please bring a free people to pittsburgh, pa!! we need one and it would much easier than buying everything online!!!! please let someone know and get it started! http://www.flamingocloset.com/shop/images/products/412GR5101-showcase.jpg

11 years ago

I’ve worn the chain headbands, and I find them to be more comfortable than most headbands–especially the hard plastic ones. I prefer the chain headbands with the silk woven in between–it gives it a little more femininity :) However, now that I see this one, I want one like it!

11 years ago

i have one from a few years ago from H&M..
very comfortable, i wear it all the time!