studs in prada fall 09

When I saw these pictures from Prada’s stud-heavy F/W 09 collection on Men’s Rag, they really got me to thinking.
I have read quite a few fashion bloggers who are downright tired of the whole stud trend. For what it’s worth my boyfriend also thinks studs are over, though he is no fashion plate. However, Prada obviously disagrees, as do I – when I first saw these pictures I loved them instantly! I think all the studding looks great, and I especially want one of those nice shirts!
So of course what I’m wondering is what you readers think! Are studs getting to be over-played or are you guys still feeling it?


  1. looks like someone went a little crazy with the bedazzler. they look kinda neat on the dress shoes, but studs arent ready to make a comeback yet.

  2. Not a fan of studs. They’re okay on the shoes I guess but I don’t see them making an appearance on Wall St anytime soon.

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