summer store display 2009 – DIY!

Pictured above is the newest display in our lobby – which also happens to be the newest display in our stores! This display will be in all the Free People stores by next week, and we love it! Our Visual Display Team has been working hard for weeks to make all the pictures and accessories to go in each store, and we got Beth to show us some tips and tricks for making our own little displays! Check out the video below!

Thank you Beth!


  1. This is great; I love how-to’s. I’m thinking of doing some of the dot art to go in my dorm next year!

  2. love this so much…well done to beth. its inspired ideas and i am looking forward to trying it out… can i make a circle brush/stamp myself? how? also, on the video it looked like the ‘canvas’ was carton box-type paper, what was it?
    thank you… looking forward to more ‘how-tos’

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