1930 predicts fashion in 2000

This video is so funny and cool! It’s an old clip from the 1930’s, in which a few fashion designers predicted what they thought people would be wearing in the future! For being so far back as the 30’s, their predictions weren’t totally off base, I thought. Enjoy!

Via Jezebel.


  1. haha some of these are bang on (but maybe more appropriate for 2009) but i definatley don’t know what is up with the men’s clothing!
    -gunbarrelbutterfly.blogspot.com xx

  2. That’s soo funny. I love looking at old school predictions of the future. Its exactly this type of visionary foresight that allows us to progress as people. That electric temperature belt was definitely pretty cool.

  3. I would not say they were way off. Free People has a net top in black and white and last spring the high heals did get really funky. Today men and women both have phone on them.

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