We The Free TEE – Giveaway!

Want to win the super-cute We The Free tee shown above? We want to give it away!
All you have to do for a chance to win is leave a comment on this post, answering the following question:
What is your absolute favorite item of clothing that you own or have owned?
Tomorrow at about this time, we will choose one comment at random, and if your comment is the one picked, you win the shirt!
Make sure to leave your email address with your comment, so that we can contact you if you win!
The shirt is a size small, but these shirts run just a touch big and usually fit a size medium quite well. (In fact, I’m a large and I generally can wear WTF smalls pretty comfortably, though the fit is tighter…)
Good luck everyone! I’m looking forward to reading about your favorite pieces of clothing!


  1. I have many favorites, but I don’t think anything matches the enthusiasm I had for my matching sweatshirt and stirrup pant outfits in the first grade! One was turquoise and red with pictures of shoes stacked on the front.

  2. “My beatles beach towel – for when the hairy, old man with the beer in his hand is staring”

  3. My favorite aaabsolute piece of clothing are my current elliot boyfriend jeans. They are slightly ripped and have paint on them and they have suspenders which are the coolest thing ever!!!
    i like them because my school isnt very adventurous with clothing and when i wear them i feel original and unique (especially in a crowd of hollister polos :)

  4. right now my favorite item is a super soft salmon vneck. i seem to wear it every chance i get and it goes with everything else i own!

  5. wow. my one fav piece. that’s too hard – how about one of my fave pieces. It would have to be my go to black cardigan I bought in London a couple years ago. it is very fitted with a low scoop neck – so it is perfect over a slouchy thin t-shirt or to wear as a cover up with a dress. love it. it gives shape to the baggiest of clothes.

  6. My favorite piece of clothing is a sweater I got in Argentina last summer. Of course, when it is summer in the northern hemisphere, it is winter in the southern hemisphere. Obviously I didn’t realize this when I went to work in rural Argentina in July (their winter) with a bunch of tank tops and light-weight clothes. Absolutely refusing to buy a jacket, an act of punishment against my own stupidity, I spent the entire time huddling under a lone sweater, bought in a tiny shop for 74 pesos. By the end of the journey, the sweater had pills all over it, a few random snags and holes. Even any amount of washing with a North American strength washing machine will do no good. The sweater is shrunken, disproportionate, and ugly, but all the memories (and cold weather) I endured are forever woven into its seams. :)

  7. My vintage eyelet bloomers by FP. They’re aboslutely adorable. I have them in both ivory and charcoal. They look so cute underneath a dress or even just worn as pants ; )

  8. I will never get rid of my black Chuck Taylor Converse shoes. They were my first major purchase in the 7th grade and I wore them for years and years. Now they’re my gardening shoes but I rock them all the same.

  9. Favorite item of clothing: “Happy Trails” t-shirt. It was just a plain white t-shirt with a screen print in black of a man riding a bucking bronco and his lasso waving in the air which spelt out “Happy trials”. It is from a place called Shelbi Ranch where they have ridiculous t-shirts for $2! i love it, makes me smile every time.

  10. My favorite item Of clothing right now is my white Mimi Star Dress. It is so comfortable and light weight. Great for summer.

  11. My absolute favorite clothing item is circa 1985, when Smurfs reigned. I had a super sweet white sweater with Smurfette sewn on it. Smurfette covered the entire length of sweater and was oh so girly! I thought I was such hot stuff in it, I would pose in front of the mirror for hours (probably just minutes)! I’ve tried to google it, but don’t have any idea why I would need a tiny sweater!? Just a great memory!

  12. My favorite pieces of clothing are three worn out shirts that my dad used to wear in college: one has an eagle head that turns into the words “america”, awesome! another, a really tattered yellow shirt that has a gopher holding a sign saying ‘save the gopher’ for the gopher preservation league, which was actually an excuse for my dad’s friends to throw ragers, and then there’s my Montana State University 1984 football championship shirt, which i wear to all the tailgates! love old worn shirts! they are my go to’s when i can’t think of anything else to wear! much like we the free!

  13. My favorite clothing item i have is a pair of jeans i own with rips! haha yeah i know thats already kinda of old! but they are just so comfy LOL. I plan to buy a new pair of jeans sooner or later =D

  14. my favorite piece of clothing has a sad story attached to it. i have this pair of jeans that fit me no matter what and i’ve had them for about 3 years now and they recently just ripped at the knee which i was completely fine with, but then the zipper broke, not so happy about that. however i will get them fixed and they will feel brand new and continue to be my favorite piece of clothing!

  15. As a girl I had a green aline skirt with little dogs printed along the hem. I wore it forever; it was the freedom I felt to run and sit in it, as well as the twirl effect.

  16. Having three sisters ( aka four closets) it was hard to choose just one thing. But I would probably say the best test of what I love the most would be the thing I am the most fiercly protective over… In a house where if you don’t want someone to wear your jeans.. you better padlock the belt loops together ( one of my sister’s best ideas yet. .. its not easy to keep something in your possession. That said I would have to say I am madly in love with my favorite hoodie .. Its from the Chicago based Old Style beer company ( think Ice House quality) It has the logo in the middle.. and simply states I’ve got style… Old Style. I got it from Salvation Army and I think its from the early 80’s …. it been through a lot ( one of my sister’s stole it and took it to college.. cut a slit in the neck ..”because it was too tight” ( umm hello its not yours) ..the sleeves are fraying and the hoodie pouch is falling off.. but I love that lil hoodie …so much I have even hid it in my zip up back teddy bear in order to keep it safe :)

  17. My fav has to be my black silk slip dress, the bottom is ruffled and its all covered in red, pink, white and purple asian-like blossoms! It was a gifty from my best twin sister.

  18. I had this black sueded fleece hoodie from this drum n bass record label, Breakbeat Science in NYC. It had a screen print of a tipped over beaker with a star in the middle and said the label name on the hood. It was sooo soft and comfortable and conversation starting, but then I left it in a cab! I could only find a replacement without the logo on it. Alas.

  19. I have a long sleeve black shirt with “drama department” printed on it in silver… we used to wear them backstage at shows in highschool. It’s so worn out that I sleep in it now, but it’s got so many memories, I’ll cry when it goes threadbare.

  20. Hands down, it is my True Religion ripped jeans (I can’t remember the exact name) but they go with anything and everything. My booty looks wonderful in them (no I am not narcissistic) and the more I wear them, the better they fit and the more comfortable they get!

  21. I collect tshirts, and my two favorites are a t shirt I found at the Salvation Tour with a big pic of Kenny Rogers on the front from his “Jovial Tour of ’87”. Haha. My other favorite is a vintage Wolverine X-Men tee I stole from my brother when he was 8 or so. It’s so worn its almost sheer, which makes it even better. ^_^

  22. my favorite item of clothing is this topshop scoopneck tank my mom got it for me went she went to europe this past spring i love it and wear it with skirts jeans and like everythings!

  23. my favorite piece of clothing is this vintage “The Who” t-shirt its a size XXL but i LOVE IT! it makes me smile when i wear it :)

  24. My favorite item of clothing is a leather belt that I got in Miami at a vintage store by South Beach. It’s hand carved and says Stump Jumper on the back of it. It has beautiful flowers all over it and mushrooms then some trucks that are the same size as the flowers. I wear it every chance I get.

  25. An old green khaki Boy Scouts of America button up. I got it from a $5 bin when it got cold one night at one of those random t-shirt shops on South Street in Philly, but it’s proven to be one of the most-worn pieces in my closet! It has a couple of patches on it and the sleeves are too short but I use it as a jacket over everything!

  26. A bright yellow cardigan. It’s super lightweight, not too tight or too baggy. I get lots of compliments and pretty much have an awesome day whenever I wear it.

  27. My all time favorite item would have to be my black hi-top converse that I bought in high school. I lived in them for years because they look great with everything. Unfortunately I began wearing them to work (at a coffee shop) and now they are falling apart- holes in the fabric, soles tearing and fading in color but I cannot imagine getting rid of them. I’ll just throw them in the wash and wear them till my feet fall right through!

  28. My favorite clothing that I can’t stop wearing is a camo sweatshirt I stole from my boyfriend. It may be big on my but it is like my comfort blanky :) I wear it loafing, when I go grocery shopping and even to work sometimes. IT is my absolute favorite and everytime my boyfriend sees me in it he tries to steel it back but it always ends up back in my closet ha ha

  29. Do shoes count as clothing? Because I am absolutely in love with my Frye Amy high heels. They are tough and girly at the same time and compliment so many different outfits.

  30. My best childhood friend’s Grandmother let us scrounge through her closet when we were 14 years old. I found a navy blue knit long sleeve with hand embroidered red, yellow and green flowers on the centre chest. It’s delicate and beautifully feminine, and it’s been 15 years now and i still wear it!

  31. A pair of boxers that I took from my husband. I put a lace trim around the legs to make them more “girly”. They are my favorite pj bottoms for 17 years now….holes and all!

  32. I was lucky enough to stumble upon some old, wornout levis in a thrift store! In Florida, it’s sometimes way too hott to wear jeans, so I ended up cutting the levis into shorts! They have such a cool vintage feel to them, and they are unbelievably comfortable. I’ve still been on the search for more with darker shades, but as of now my levi shorts are my favorite article of clothing : ]

  33. My favorite t-shirt is one I got from Universal Studios Florida when I was like 14. It’s for the old TV series SeaQuest DSV – favorite show EVER. :) It was huge when I was little, but now it’s perfectly washed, faded and worn-out and fits my 25 year old self perfectly! Perfect homemade vintage!

  34. favorite piece of clothing i own is a sunbleached seaform green vintage dress, that i altered to be a tube dress, with lace trim. its adorable.

  35. My favorite item in my closet is my dark gray nylon bomber jacket. It brings a bit of edge to any outfit and it was just $14 at a local thrift shop. I try not to wear it EVERY day. :)

  36. A $320 Betsey Johnson Dress I drooled over all season and then magically picked up on super sale for $30! The starts align every time I wear it.

  37. “What is your absolute favorite item of clothing that you own or have owned?”
    Hands down a pair of pink kitten heels from Irregular Choice London! They had tiny cat and star motifs on the toe which was a rounded point toe. Got them about 6 years ago and they’re the most comfortable and most complimented shoes I’ve ever owned!

  38. It’s a tie between a beat-up secondhand pair of jeans and a brown lattice-knit cardigan. They’re both really comfortable and add interest to whatever else I’m wearing.

  39. This knee length skirt I had made in Kenya. The fabric is this super expensive and fancy Ghanian wax print fabric. It’s sea foam green, eggplant, and silver with geometric shapes and diamonds all over it.
    Love it!!

  40. I was pretty obsessed with Little House on the Prairie when I was in Elementary school. So, my mom made me a dress that looked like it came off the show with a little apron on top to match. I wore it to school every week, until one day, when my brother picked me up from the bus stop and I was on a skate board tied to his bike and he was pulling me along and my dress got caught in the wheel and tore it. That was a sad day. But my best dress ever!

  41. my owl necklace! i was on the search last year for a good vintage or vintage-looking owl necklace and found one that’s perfect. it’s lucky brand and looks vintage with multiple chains, bronze metals and red eyes on the owl. my co-workers love it and they declare it “owl necklace day” when i wear it. hahah

  42. My favorite item of clothing of all time was a “Panama Jack”…horribly ugly…cheap…and fading purple….shirt that was passed down to me from my brother when I was in elementary school. My poor mother tried to pry it from my hands many times.
    I haven’t had an item since that I wanted to wear EVERY day.
    And it still makes my heart skip a beat when I see the numerous pictures of me wearing it!~

  43. This will come across somewhat wretched, but I’m sure you can all relate when I say my favorite piece of darling is my black mini skirt. I’ve had it since the eighth grade & still use it as my go-to knockout piece to simplify, or make a bold statement in any season for an outfit. I think we don’t emphasize how much we appreciate that little piece of reliability.

  44. Probably my favourite piece of clothing is an old, ratty, coca cola nightgown that has been handed down through my family for twenty years! The paint is flecking off but it is so comfy, and I love the fact that practically my whole family has worn it.

  45. My favorite piece isn’t so much for style as it is for substance. I was working and travelling in the Himalayas, and bought a huge kelly green wool shawl from a woman’s collective. That shawl travelled almost all of South East Asia with me, pulling multiple duties as a towel, head scarf, sheet, baby sling, backpack, towel, picnic blanket .. and a shawl. The memories that I have when I wrap it around me on a cold day keep me warmer than the wool ever could.

  46. I grew up on the beaches of LBI, NJ. When we bought our old, olddd house, there was some very cute pillow cases left behind! I transformed one strawberry and ivy textile one into a tank top! All hand sewn of course.. at that age I couldn’t operate a machine! I still own it to this day and bust it out every once in a while.. It is a really pretty pillow tank!

  47. My favorite item of clothing is definitely my Chuck Taylors! There is only one shoe in the world that goes with EVERYTHING! I love them…especially because they are worn-in and comfy.

  48. My all time absolute favorite item is a tee shirt that my mom got when she was first married from hong kong, It is from a bar (the stoned crow) and it says “hong kong stoned crow” with a dizzy crow on it. I love it and have had it since I was like 10!!

  49. My all time…. to die for, must have and always will have…
    is a long lovely floral dress that was my grandmothers, then went to my mother…and now to me! I loved how the beautiful florals remind me of a garden…a graeden I can picture myself in and twirling!
    I’ve had it since I was about 13 maybe and now I’ll be 20 soon. I remember always putting it on as a child, and hoping to grow up tall enough to actually wear it one day. The thing is…. I’ve never really grown since then, standing to along about 5’1 my old floral dress drags.
    So one day!…I finally decided to cut it to about my size and hem it up, finally! When I decided to cut it was about last year sometime, early sping. I wear it all the time… along with a rop belt and stappy sandles and lots of brads through my hair! I’m sure I wll always have this dress, its old and lovely…and thats why I love it!

  50. My favorite clothing item is my 50’s vintage Prom dress. I stumbled upon in in a vintage shop in Portland, Oregon called Avalon.
    The base is gold with a beautiful bronze, lace overlay. complete with pockets! The dress is by vintage designer of 50’s and 60’s dress Jonathan Logan
    I was sans a date to my Prom, but felt so confident in my vintage piece in a sea of neon, sparkly, ball gown type dresses from department stores.
    I am waiting for the day where I can break it out of my closet and wear it again!
    I am not sure if this photo will show up but here it is in action:

  51. I have a beat-up, ratty navy blue sweat jacket that I wear around the house. Everyone laughs because one of the pockets has a huge rip right above it from washing it so often. It’s the warmest, most comfortable piece of clothing I own even though I’d never wear it in public.

  52. I love my ripped up jeans! They’re so versatile because i can wear them all year long in Cali — rolled up, rolled down, with flip flops, tees, sweaters, dressy tops, chucks… options are endless. And plus, they make my bum look fabulous :)

  53. i have a tee shirt i found at goodwill, its bright yellow with little cap sleeves and it has this funny cartoon doodle of bette midler and her name in a quirky font. i wear it everywhere, walking the dogs, out to bars, at sunday family dinner…its very versatile. and i love the tee you’re giving away, i would love to make it my new favorite clothing item…please pick me!

  54. My Chip + Pepper grey skinny ankle (but normal length on me) jeans… In the fall/winter seasons they look great with a pair of flats or boots in an array of colors. Come spring/summer they’re great with all my intricately detailed sandals or just a flimsy pair of flops (even a beat-up pair of birks). It’s the color, it’s the length, and out-of-this-world fit!!! And how a pair of washed-out grey jeans can amazingly be paired with any color- brown, yellow, coral…

  55. my favorite item of clothing has to be my long black cardigan. it just goes with everything! i can put it over a t shirt and jeans, or over a little dress to keep warm! i love putting a belt over it and wearing it with anything.

  56. My favorite article of clothing I own is a blue flowery, full, long skirt. It was my grandmother’s, then my mother’s, and now it is mine. It is so comfortable!

  57. I wasn’t sure if I could choose shoes as my item of clothing, but I love love love my Frye Campus Boots. They are the best investment that I have ever made!

  58. My favorite item ever was the winter coat I wore in high school. It was awesome, and it made me look great! I still own it, and it’s still in excellent condition, so if I ever get down to that size again, I’m going to wear it out! :) Thanks, I hope I win!

  59. i’ve been obsessed with the huge tube scarves that you can transform 20 different ways, so I made a few of my own out of jersey and I love them!
    (i loooooove that t-shirt, by the way!)
    xo – jen

  60. My favorite clothing items over the years have mostly been vintage pieces… though I don’t often wear them as much nowadays, I’m trying desperately to prolong their life! I have so many, each with their own wonderful qualities, it’s hard to choose just one…. the Frou-Frou skirt with tiered grosgrain ribbon netting I found at a NYC Flea Market… the red and white striped ultra long flowy skirt that is part of my pirates costume… the decrepit bowler hat with dust marks and a broken rim I found on ebay… the 1970’s black (but originally blood red) platform granny boots inspired by the 1800’s original…
    But, out of everything, I have to say my favorite pieces have been my vintage velvet, satin, and silk flowers. They never go out of style, can be worn anywhere from your hair down to your shoes, and are so meticulously hand crafted! They truly make an original and unique edition to any outfit. With that said, I adore Free People clothes for all the same reasons… Thank you for your creativity and quality products!

  61. My favorite item of clothing was a teal blue betsey johnson feather dress. Its loud and makes a statement. I wore it to my senior prom but I wish that I could wear it everyday!

  62. my favorite item of clothing is a pair of Levi’s jeans i got at a thrift store that i turned into cut off shorts that i pretty much wear everyday, greatest $2 buy!

  63. My favorite peice of clothing would definately have to be a hippie, boho type skirt. My favorite one has a Pride and Prejudice type print and it past the knee and flowy. So beautiful and comfortable and perfect for summer!

  64. love love love the oversized northface fleece that i stole from my husband when we first started dating 6 years ago… it’s the comfiest thing ever and it’s been part of my pj ensemble ever since!

  65. My favorite piece of clothing is the t-shirt that my first boyfriend tossed to me when he was folding his laundry.

  66. the hoodie my brother made for me this past christmas. well, he didn’t make the actual hoodie, but he designed and hand stitched a polar bear smoking a tobacco pipe on the front. A) It’s adorable. B) It took so much time and heart. Perfect!

  67. My favorite item of clothing right now would have to be my super soft plum colored boyfriend cardigan. It’s perfect thrown over anything from a basic tee to a cute summer dress. And the feel and fit of it makes me never want to take it off!

  68. my favorite item of clothing is my knit halter top, i’ve never been more certain about a purchase in my life (:

  69. My favorite item of clothing is my green belt. The one I have now is 1-inch wide leather belt from Banana Republic that has some teal accents on the top and bottom. I wear it with anything and everything because it has sort of become a signature thing.
    It is actually my third green belt at this point, as I seem to loose my favorite green belts after epic events. My first one was a 2-inch canvas belt with gromments, and was lost after an epic water ballon fight in the UC San Diego campus. My second one was a 1-inch braided fabric belt in kelly green, and was lost on a house boat weekend on Lake Shasta.
    Who knows when and were belt #3 will decide to take off, either way I’m sure it will be fun!

  70. my favorite piece of clothing would have to be a royal blue t-shirt with a picture of the Pilsbury Doughboy on the front which was a mail-in free-be from Pilsbury products back in the 90s (save upcs, add shipping and handling)…. looks great with cut-off jean shorts, black tights and flats or booties !!

  71. My favorite item of clothing is my free people tube top because it works really well as a shirt and a skirt! I love when things have more than one purpose. Clothes can be really expensive but when things can be worn more than once, I can get more use out of them.

  72. I would probably have to go with my crochet bikini–bought it at old navy two years ago. It was once a deep chocolate but hours of chlorine and salt water have faded it to a worn in pale brown. Its been surfing, stuck on a sail boat in the middle of the chesapeake bay, and has taken part in various slipn’slide activities!

  73. I have this old cream wool sweater that has bits of color throughout. it kind of looks like confetti. wool is the only thing that keeps me warm and its light enough to wear any season. the cream is neutral and you can wear it with anything but the specks of color make it stand out and special.

  74. sooo easy- frye campus boots. you’ll find them on my feet everyday for the next 30 years!

  75. I lived in my cut-off jean shorts last summer, and can’t wait until I get to live in them again. It was an act of desperation too, I hadn’t brought any shorts to school, and I NEEDED a pair NOW, so I hacked off a pair of jeans I never wore, and we’ve been inseparable ever since. :)

  76. When I was around the age of 8, my great grandma was very elderly and a little creative when it came to what was happening. :) On one of my weekly visits to her she pulled out an adorable (and kind of funky smelling) trench. Cuffed sleeves, baby doll cut with big brown buttons and a rounded collar. She took it off the hanger and put it on me and said, “See, now you are a professional”. Of course at the time, I had no idea what she was talking about.
    It always makes me smile when I wear it walking into work. See, now I’m a professional. That and it looks killer with boots and leggings :)

  77. My favorite piece of clothing is an old belt I inherited from my dad. He died three years ago, and we hadn’t lived in the same house since I was very young. I went to his house to pick up his furniture and belongings since they belonged to me now, and one of the things I found in his closet was a leather belt that looked old enough to be his in middle school. It was so worn that it had taken the shape of the belt loops, and could only be worn in one direction, if you know what I mean by that. Amazingly, it fit me perfectly, and now I wear it whenever I wear jeans. I love that it reminds me of him whenever I wear it.

  78. My favorite item of clothing would have to be my distressed leather jacket from Urban Outfitters. I pretty much wear it everyday and it can be worn in the fall or spring. it complements all of outfits giving it that 60s rocker edge look. It goes along with my hippieish style. And gives peace love and happieness!

  79. Heya.. my favorite piece of clothing is my black stir-up jeans/pants! They are super cute and stylish yet COMFY! Wore them today, luv luv luv them. :)

  80. My ultimate favorite item of clothing is a pair of old cut off jean shorts that used to be my dads levis, they are super worn in and comfy, but short enough to look girly!

  81. My favorite item of clothing is this cream crochet dress. The bottom is fitted but the top is loose so the back goes down low. The fit is really unique, it is the ultimate summer dress. I would wear it every day, except that might be weird.

  82. My favorite article of clothing that Ive ever owned was this pair of black skinny jeans I found at this vintagy goodwill type place. They were just plain black though, they were like painted black and the inside was jean… if that makes any sense. haha They were so cool but I wore them so much that the plack paint started to rub off and I had to stop wearing them. Ive never seen another pair like them.

  83. My favorite clothing item is a vintage red mexican dress with flowers of every color embroidered into it. It was my mom’s dress, so that makes it very special to me.

  84. My all time favorite item of clothing was a shirt I owned from kindergarten through second grade. It was white and had a bunch of cartoon frogs jumping around trying to catch flies on it. Lucky things always happened to me whenever I chose to wear it. I wore it all the time and it got all stained and worn out; eventually I had to give it up because it had too many holes.

  85. i don’t know about anyone else, but i love the girl wearing that shirt. she is a little bit of sunshine.

  86. Hands down is my yellow v-neck sweater. It always give me this confidence when ever I pull it on. Very fitting, gives off a very cute shape but not too provocative.

  87. hands down, one of my dad’s old bruce springsteen shirts that i adopted. they’re so soft and worn-in, i’d live in them if i could.

  88. My favourite item of all time is a pair of jeans!! I used this one until it have no colour and have holes in every possible place! And now, I can’t use it, because I could be naked is a middle of the street, but, my precious jeans are saved and treated as a relic!

  89. I have a pair of Moccasins that my grandmother ordered me out of a catalog they are non- wearable cause they are stinky and the soles are too worn ; but I love them because they were the last thing my Grandma gave me before she died. They are one of my most precious treasures.

  90. My favorite item of clothing would be my Levi’s Vintage skinny jeans. I had them for over a year. I wore them on a 20 mile adventure from my apartment in North Austin to Lake Travis. They’ve walked through Florida beaches and sat in fertile Califonia soil. I’ve slept in them to keep warm, and I’ve worn them, holy and torn, with heels to nice parties. I always paried them with my boyfriend’s 70’s band shirts or just a plain white Vneck. They’re retired now, but I plan to add them to my ever-growing quilt soon enough.

  91. ee! im so excited for this (: uhmm lets see…. my favorite clothing item right now is this singlet (tank top) with regular straps and a halter strap so its like a two in one! and it has prints of different animals on it with people’s names on the animals (: its very different but cute (:
    ee! im so excited for this (: uhmm lets see…. my favorite clothing item right now is this singlet (tank top) with regular straps and a halter strap so its like a two in one! and it has prints of different animals on it with people’s names on the animals (: its very different but cute (:

  92. One of my favorite things to wear it an asian-styled short sleeve shirt. It is so silky and soft than it makes me happy to just be wearing it! It is green with blue flower buds all over it. It’s so unique and playful and I can wear it with so many things. I absolutely adore it!

  93. My favorite piece of clothing is a form fitting black dress that I picked up for about 5 dollars at a thrift store in champagne, illinois about 4 years ago. It’s from the 70s or 80s and is made by Blondie and Me and is quarter length sleeves, mid-thigh, and a keyhole back. it figures that i spend hundreds of dollars on dresses that I wear once or twice, and the dress that I spend 5 dollars on gets worn a thousand times!

  94. Of course my super duper all time fav item of clothing is a a mustard color plaid shirt from Columbia passed down from my mother. I will NEVER EVER give it up no matter what. BEST TEXTURE EVER!! THANX MOMMIE

  95. my favorite piece of clothing ever, is actually a vintage tea stained table cloth that belonged to my Nana that I turned into a trapeze dress. I always told her how much i loved how the embroidered cotton looked and felt and how i wished i had something that gorgeous to wear. So when i inherited it i turned it into the dress of my dreams.

  96. My overall favorite item of clothing is my jean vest. i made it out of my dads old jeans that he didnt need anymore. i bleached them and made a vest out of them. everytime i wear it i get so many compliments. i love it cause not only does it look fabulous, i made it myself.

  97. From around 3rd grade to at least 6th, my favorite item clothing was a pair of navy blue L. L. Bean cargo pants that zipped off into shorts… I wore them all the time. I kind of wish I still had a pair.

  98. my favorite article of clothing, EVER, and it never fails is a v-neck i scavenged from my best friend in the world. he works at american apparel, so its an american apparel v-neck. but the fact that it was his, makes it look perfect with everything, and for that i couldn’t be more thankful my favorite article of clothing, EVER, and it never fails is a v-neck i scavenged from my best friend in the world. he works at american apparel, so its an american apparel v-neck. but the fact that it was his, makes it look perfect with everything, and for that i couldn’t be more thankful <3

  99. my favorite piece of clothing is the t-shirt i’m wearing right now. its a thrift store find that most people wouldn’t pick up, but i love it to death. its a strange shade of green, a bit loose fitting and has a winged and fanged (but adorable) bunny on it. i’d wear it every single day if i could!
    i’d love to win this WTF shirt – it reminds me of my favorite shirt in the best way! please pick me!

  100. my betsey johnson 40’s style nightie. comfortable and loose, but sexy and antique. i can look pretty and lounge.

  101. it’s actually a FP dress that i really wanted to buy, but at the time i saw it i didn’t have the money (it was 120$)
    a year later (!!!!) i saw it at a consignment shop for 12$.

  102. My personal favorite item of clothing would have to be a Led Zeplin tee-shirt that my boyfriend gave me. It’s really worn in so it’s soft and comfortable to wear and it drapes nicely without looking baggy or boxy; it’s now a faded black with sleeves coming up right before my elbows.

  103. My favorite clothing item is my aunt’s hand-me-down balloon sleeve button down from the 70’s! It’s huge and looks great as a dress, or tied up and is such a different take on a basic.

  104. Well, my favorite piece of clothing is pretty unusual. Its a great pink tutu I took from my high school’s drama department. I just love the whimsy of it, and although, I must admit, I dont wear it out in public often, any kind of costume party, you will see it. Ive thrown many princess parties just to wear on my tutu. Ive worn it with utility boots, converse and heels. It goes with everything.
    I absolutely love it, and the feeling of magic that comes with it.
    I hope this counts! : )

  105. My favorite piece of clothing right now is the We The Free Prep Hoodie. It is incredibly comfortable and free flowing. Every time i where it (which is often) I feel really confident, more than usual. It’s a great piece and I’m sure I’ll try to get away wearing it in the summer too!

  106. my favorite piece of clothing is my free people butterfly dress. it’s ivory-colored, and really unique. :)

  107. my favorite article of clothing is my brown leather belt. i had it custom made at a crafts fair in Virginia a few years ago and have worn it almost every day since. it is dark brown, with birds and flowers embossed on it, with a silver buckle. Its the best belt ever!! :)

  108. Favorite piece of clothing has to be my vintage, red flapper dress that I found at a garage sell for 25 cents. It’s absolutely ridiculous, but makes me feel fun, funky, and fancy free when I’m wearing it. : ]

  109. my favorite piece of clothing that i have even own….. would probably have to be a pair of navy pants…they’re not jeans, but not dress pants, and they really soft and can be dress up or dress down…. and they go with almost everything…. also super duper comfy!!

  110. My favorite item of clothing was actually one that I never returned to my best friend, so I’ll say my favorite item of clothing is her red hoodie. I wear it to work and everywhere else! It’s so comfortable!! =-)

  111. my favorite piece of clothing is this sun bleached sea foam green vintage dress with lace trim that i altered into a ruffled tube dress. its adorable :)

  112. My favorite item of clothing is this shirt i have that i got for three dollars on a clearance rack! It has a bunch of old radios all over it and it fits me perfect and goes with everything. I also loooove (although they’re not clothes…) my light blue chuck taylors. they are really worn out, but they are sooo cool! they are really bright and make me happy. they also have peace, love, and recycle shoelaces… :)

  113. my favorite piece of clothing is a beautiful thai skirt i got at a fair trade world market-ish store. the colors and embroidery are stunning and i will never ever get rid of it ;0

  114. hi fp (:
    most of my favourite pieces come from you of course!
    my current favourite is the yellow eylet tennis dress i got for my birthday about 2 months ago, i absolutly love it & i feel soo pretty going to school in it!

  115. A chunky blue, black, and yellow scarf that is perfect for cold, windy weather! Plus the colors are arranged in thick stripes – my absolute favorte pattern

  116. My favorite article of clothing would most defiantly be my 1970s quarter length Vail skiing Resort T-shirt. It has a longer history than myself! I got it from my friends closet, it was his uncles in the 70s! I love to imagine all of the adventures it has gone through! It’s priceless! It’s beautifully worn out with a vintage look and it completes my day every time I wear it!

  117. ♪♫ Dear Pruitt ♪♫
    I was given my favorite piece of clothing while I was on a trip in Australia with a couple of my closest friends. We had spent most of our time at the pool at our hotel but we all agreed that before we left we wanted to see the sunset on an Australian beach. On the eve of our last day we met a group of boys who lived in Australia. We all started chatting and the topic of our desire to see an Australian sunset was brought up. The boys told us that they would give us a ride down to the beach, so we all crammed together in their Jeep for a 5 hour drive. We spent all night driving and laughing. When we were almost an hour away from the beach we saw a little old lady walking alone on a road pulling a large cart full of trinkets and clothes. We asked if she needed a ride and she said that she had to get to her daughters house because he granddaughter was dying. We put our road trip on hold and drove back two hours to the house. When we arrived at her daughter’s house, she thanked us and gave me and my friends all soft cotton clothe folded into a square. I didn’t pay much attention to it, mainly because it was so dark. We arrived at the beach just in time for the sunset. As the morning became brighter I looked down at the folded clothe and unfolded it to find out that it was a beautiful ♥ maxi-dress ♥. The dress was black with a beaded v-neck collar. I still have the dress and I wear it to remind me of the great time I had with my closest friends, some have moved out of state or too far away to see regularly but we all keep our dresses as a sign of our strong friendship and the time we spent in Australia. ☼
    Email Address: kaitlynschwab@roadrunner.com

  118. my favorite piece of clothing is my fp sequined hoodie from a year or two back – i’m wearing it right now… so comfy and cute! xo

  119. A pair of $30 cowboy boots I bought a while back at some random shoe store that was going out of business…It was mostly for a joke and I thought I would never wear them but the next year cowboy boots were a huge trend, I broke them in and have been wearing and loving them ever since!

  120. I would have to say my skiny-jeans! They are so versitle, and look good with almost any thing. A pair of vintage flats and my grandmother’s old scarf- I’m golden!

  121. When I was little I had these cowboy boots that I wore with everything, they were extremely cool or at least that’s what I thought then.
    Love x infinity,

  122. A hoodie/jacket type thing from Free People I bought about two years ago. It’s a deep purple and has a very romantic feel look to it. I wear it as often as I can in the winter, and it works with almost everything.

  123. do shoes count?
    if so my favorite peice of clothing would probably a pair of mui mui pumps i found. It was at one of those outlet malls that i went to with my mom, i never ever found anything there before. The shoes were supper cheap and a pleasant surprise [=
    even though i don’t have anywhere to wearm them to i still walk around my house in them practically every day because i’m in lovee with them! hehe. ..

  124. favorite all time item of clothing. I’d have to go with the sweater i got in maine.Itss a huge woolly sweater and its absolutely hideous. It’s oatmeal and brown and comes right up to my neck. It was hand knit though, and its actually the warmest thing i’ve ever worn. I love it I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world, even though it makes me look completely ridiculous

  125. my baseball tshirt with the old travelin’ man. he was passed down to me at a music festival and has taken me on many an adventure. i will be handing him over to a new traveler and bestowing the luck, magic, and warmth to a new life. may he keep many a traveler happy and free.

  126. My favorite piece of clothing is a vintage white summer dress. My great-grandmother passed it down to my grandmother, who gave it to my mother, who then gave it to me. Not only is it airy and versatile, but it has a comfy worn-in feeling and years of history.

  127. Hmm I would have to say that my favorite article of clothing is an old shrunken brown sweater I found at a thrift shop about three years ago. I accidently put it through the wash and the wool got pearled but I liked it. When I wear it I feel like a vagabond, a young Bob Dylan, a free spirit. Everyone wants me to throw it out…NEVER!!

  128. My favorite clothing item is my “old man sweater” I bought for $3 from the Salvation Army. It’s a 70’s kids navy blue cardigan with a shawl collar and geometric red and white designs. I get complements everytime I wear it and it matches everything…and it works great as a lining for my favorite Free People jacket!

  129. my favorite article of clothing is my dress i bought for my prom this year. i actually ended up not going to my prom but i still love the dress. its very sophisticated and cute and i will definitely find another time to wear it!

  130. My favorite piece of clothing is my world wildlife fund panda sketched v neck tee. its white with lots of panda faces making a heart in the middle. Best of all a portion of the proceeds go to the wwf.

  131. My black mini dress with the prettiest floral design I got from a thrift shop a couple of years ago. As long as it fits, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it!

  132. It’s my denim jacket with tons of patches! And I keep adding and adding…well, just a few to mention – Curious George w/a Cat in the Hat hat; gothic Hello Kitty, Strawberry Shortcake; flaming skull; Chococat; Snoopy as the Red Baron; Vote for Pedro, “Billy Bob” name tag; Rolling Stones lips/tongue; Grateful Dead skull; Green Day w/a fairy and random butterflies and flowers! It’s a fun piece and I love it!

  133. my levis… ive had them for years! they are so soft, perfectly worn in all the right places, and covered in paint!

  134. My prom dress that I am wearing on Friday! I bought it on etsy from a shop called Ruby Pearl. The dress is a red corset attatched to funky embroidered oval shaped layers on the bottom (reminds me of a tulip). Under the layer of embroidery and beading is hot pink fabric. Also, the in the middle where the corset meets the bottom part is a beautiful velvet flower on the side by my hip. I can’t wait to wear it!

  135. My levi 521’s. I’ve been looking for the perfect cut of jeans for a long time now and these are amazing. They’re fitted, but loose; just the right amount of room to move around in, but still be slimming and look fabulous.

  136. I truely do not think i could choose mearly one artiacle of apearl if someone was holding a machete to my heart (OK perhaps then) , but one that truely tickles my fancy is an oversized tee that reads “oui” and the “oui” is used to creat the face of a frenchman. tis creamy off white with black graphics. oh and tis 100% cotten which i absolutly approve of (i happen to be a bit of a textile snob). i always recive positive feedback when i sport it (which is at least weekly) and it looks ultra spiffy with absolutly everything!

  137. MY MAGICAL WHITE JEANS!!!! I got the Free People ones a couple of months ago and it seriously, compeltely changed my WHOLE WARDROBE! Everything I see now I imagine with white jeans… and coming from a ‘black jean’ girl, thats a pretty big change. I get so many compliments on them and they make my no booty look like a cute booty! YIPEE!!! (My mom and sister went and got their own pairs a week after I got mine too hahah).. INCREDIBLE

  138. My favorite item of clothing is my Free People ribbon Hoodie. I saw it on an episode of Doctor Who and I fell in love! I bought one after looking for a long time, and I wear it ALL the time. It gives me a little extra bounce in my step, and makes me happy every time I put it on.

  139. My favorite item of clothing is my Free People ribbon Hoodie. I saw it on an episode of Doctor Who and I fell in love! I bought one after looking for a long time, and I wear it ALL the time. It gives me a little extra bounce in my step, and makes me happy every time I put it on.

  140. Funny you should ask. I love, love, love overalls. They are the best all around, timeless pair of jeans. Since that ‘hippie’ look is back, I have been thinking about my overall days a lot. I loved overalls and any t shirt I had. I figured NO ONE would sell overalls these days but I found them on your site.

  141. I adore my green sweater from urban outfitters… its so soft and comfy and it fits me just right!

  142. One of my favorite pieces of clothing is one I have had since High School (so about 10 years ago). It is my sweatpants we got as Freshmen when I joined the swim team. They are nothing special, but I practically lived in them. To this day I still have them and still wear them around the house. They remind me of all the fun times I had while on the team.

  143. My favorite piece of clothing is a blue flower print ruffle shirt that my mother got me. I wear it all the time for all occasions. Its dressy, if I want it to be.

  144. My comfy, faded purple soccer shirt from when I was 8 years old… somehow it still fits! I’ve made a few touches to make it a little edgier, but nothing will change how comfortable it is and how much it reminds me of home. :)

  145. My red heart shaped sunglasses from Urban Outfitters! They’re so unique, I always get tons of compliments.

  146. My favorite clothing i own right now has GOT to be my 7-way convertable little black dress that makes me look and feel like marilyn monroe. the full sway of the skirt and the light feel of the fabric make me feel fabulous. i think its a max of feeling great and looking like a movie star that makes every single person double take when i walk my sexy butt by!

  147. My favorite piece right now is my vintage knitted metallic bolero. My mom knit it on the beach in new york when she was 20 years old. I was looking through her closet one day and spotted it. I wear it with almost everything and I get compliments everywhere I go. It has such amazing details and it is my moms own pattern.

  148. My black sweat pantsMy black sweat pants<3<3
    If i could i would wear them EVERY day;there just way to comfy

  149. My emerald green wrap dress wins hands down! I can wrap it 25+ ways which loosely translates to, I wear it like every day! I get compliments on it all the time (I don’t think they know that they keep complimenting the same dress each time though!) Anyways, you can wear it one shoulder, cap sleeved, strapless, off the shoulder, etc etc! The possibilities are endless! My emerald green wrap dress wins hands down! I can wrap it 25+ ways which loosely translates to, I wear it like every day! I get compliments on it all the time (I don’t think they know that they keep complimenting the same dress each time though!) Anyways, you can wear it one shoulder, cap sleeved, strapless, off the shoulder, etc etc! The possibilities are endless! <3!

  150. Ach! moim ulubionym ciuszkiem w mojej szafie są z pewnością nowe sandałki które dzownią gdy chodzę a moj tata powiedział ze wyglądają jak buty słowiańskiej księżniczki. Kupiłam je bo wyglądają jak z FreePeople
    Ach! My favourite pice of clothers are my new summer shoes. They have iron ornaments and they dingle in the time when i`m walking. My father said to me that they are looking like slavic princes shoes. I bought them because they look like stuf from free people ;p

  151. My favorite piece of clothing is my grey tank top that has black splatter paint on it i got a year ago. i love it and i usually wear it with my jean shorts and my eagle necklace

  152. In 2007 I bought a free people wrap dress. (That is also when I discovered FP the first time) It has a black and sea blue checkered pattern and is made of 100% silk. It is my absolute favourite piece of clothing in my closet, because I can wear it any season, with any trend and it is so flattering. It is fabulous!

  153. my absolute favorite item of clothing that i own has to be grey frye knee high boots. They go with everything! they are so comfortable and they can be dressed down or up.

  154. Free People,
    When I first started working at Nordstrom, I fell in love with this jacket…oh, it’s so beautiful. It’s dark navy with slightly lighter stripes…military tabs and buttons…slightly goth, slightly military, slightly sci-fi…but I can wear it with anything. The coat sold out during a private event so I barely got to TOUCH it. After months of lusting after it, one resurfaced…JUST IN MY SIZE. I bought it right away and I swear, I haven’t taken it off since. Free People,
    When I first started working at Nordstrom, I fell in love with this jacket…oh, it’s so beautiful. It’s dark navy with slightly lighter stripes…military tabs and buttons…slightly goth, slightly military, slightly sci-fi…but I can wear it with anything. The coat sold out during a private event so I barely got to TOUCH it. After months of lusting after it, one resurfaced…JUST IN MY SIZE. I bought it right away and I swear, I haven’t taken it off since. <333

  155. This one is tough! I collect clothing, and have inherited clothing from my mother and my best friends. My absolute favorite item, (which is rarely worn because of it’s magnificence) is this one-piece romper from Neiman Marcus from the 80’s. It’s tan, has a zipper and too little gold buttons on tan jean like material. I roll the pants up to shorts so it fits me better, and it contours to my body PERFECTLY! They knew what they were doing in the 80’s… sometimes ;]. I look like I’m tour-guide Barbie in it. Luckily, I am a Docent at the local museum for children, it goes great with my job :]. It was a lucky find at Buffalo Exchange Pacific Beach.

  156. What a hard question! I’ve gotta say my absolute favorite thing ever is my floral, vintage inspired long sleeve scoop neck top from free people. the colors are soo vivid and rich and the lace detailing on the back shoulders just sets it off. i wear it under everything and anything. i dont know what i would do without it.

  157. Hey everyone!
    This ends the commenting for the WTF Tee Giveaway!
    I will be announcing the winner shortly!!


  158. my favorite peice of clothing would be this little spring dress which i made out of an old table cloth.. i can throw it in a weekend bag and it wouldnt get wrinkled and it lays perfectly. I can pair it with everything and its an entire outfit i dont need to bother with matching pants with a shirt

  159. I have a tissue thin zip front linen color hooded sweather from hollister that I wear all summer, to the beach over my bathing suit, with summer dresses in the evenings and with my favorite baggy distressed cut off jeans………

  160. Hello Friends.
    My favoruite piece of clothing is a sweater which I bought from Switzerland in last winter. It is my one of the favourite sweater in all among the clothes. I like you blog very much. Good work!!
    Thank you very much for sharing and posting this blog.

  161. My favourite piece of clothing is a pink t-shirt. I’m a t-shirt lover,and I like blue and yellow colour mix shirt, just like this lovely t-shirt. wow, good design, it’s my dream one, I love it so much! I hope I will be the lucky one to have it.

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