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Mushroom Moon
11 years ago

Hey FP,
Love the artwork you’ve posted recently!
Has anyone in the FP store been able to get ahold of a pair of the Siwy Hannah jeans in the black acid featured in the July catalog? I can’t decide what size to order, and I hear that Siwy jean sizes can vary. I was curious if anyone had tried them on yet. :)
Thanks so much!

11 years ago

Hey Mushroom Moon! :)
Thanks for the compliments!
So we sent your question over to the buyers to see what they had to say, and here is their response!
in general, siwy jeans run true to size, but they stretch a lot. I would recommend regular size or sizing down. a few stores will get inventory in mid august, but this style is very limited.
I hope this helps some!
Readers, any other thoughts?

Mushroom Moon
11 years ago

Thanks so much, FP! I ordered the jeans in a 26. Thank you so much for your helpful and quick answer, I really appreciate it. I wanted to order the jeans asap in case stock ran out. I hear such good things about Siwy jeans and their popularity, so it would not surprise me!
:) Have a good day.
-Mushie Moon

10 years ago

Really awesome art..