cuddly giveaway!

Isn’t this FP teddy bear as cute as can be? He’s very soft and huggable, and he’s looking for a nice cozy home, maybe yours! All you have to do for a chance to have him come live at your house is leave a comment on this post telling about your first or favorite stuffed animal or comfort blanket, etc… You know, the one that is all grimey because you loved it so much and couldn’t be without it! Tomorrow at this time, we’ll pick one comment at random, and if it’s yours, we’ll send you the cute bear! As you can see from the picture above, Trixie really wishes she was eligible to win this giveaway…
P.S. Don’t forget to leave your email address with your comment so that we can contact you if your comment is the one picked!

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11 years ago

My first favorite stuffed animal was a brown and white horse that I named Marble! I still have him and he is still used as my security blanket :)

11 years ago

Awe this makes me miss my first blankie so much. Until I was like 10 years old i couldn’t sleep without it. It was pink and so soft and had a bajillion holes in it. Unfortunatly though, when we went to hershey park for vacation one year, i left it in the hotel room and never got it back. So sad!!! I cried for a good hour and a half.

11 years ago

When’s the Trixie giveaway? She looks cute

11 years ago

When I was four I begged my mom to buy me a stuffed bunny. I knew it was love at first sight. I sleep with bunny every night and have taken him on every single vacation I have ever been on because I would honestly miss him too much if I left him home. You can never be too old for a security blanket.

Robyn L
11 years ago

My first stuffed animal’s name is Fluffy. He is a Le Mutt dog, and on of the first gifts I was given. My two sisters and I all have identical Fluffies! When we were little my mom would do little shows for us with our dogs, so for her birthday a few years ago we got her her OWN to join in the fun. They look so funny all lined up together — the oldest is practically bald, mine is flattened from being cuddled too much, the younger sister’s is gently used because she favored a teddy bear instead, and mom’s looks brand new. We love them, no matter how much physical evidence shows. However, mine could use some friendly company (let alone a reprieve from all the smushy cuddling we do!)

11 years ago

I had a tiny Corduroy Bear with an overall button and an eye falling off. I hear I wouldn’t go anywhere without it. It lives on a shelf in the guest room now I think….

11 years ago

My first stuffed animal is Belly, a pink bear who currently donnes pinstripe overalls and a crocheted cap – she looks much like a train conductor. Anyways, Belly was a gift from my grandma and one year I attempted to give her a bath because she fell outside. While her fur regained some of its original color, the music box was not so well off. Nonetheless, I still love her and bring her to most of my trips abroad. :)

11 years ago

My bro had a cute teddy bear. He (my brother) is 13 years older than me, so I had to steal the bear from him. Some years later he found the teddy in my bed. He wasn’t too happy! :) The teddy is still in my bed now – for 25 years.

11 years ago

When I was young I had a stuffed animal from a T.V. show. It followed me everywhere, even to our trip to California… where I then lost it. Completely devistated, my dad pointed out a stuffed animal store where I met JJ, a stuffed dragon. He followed me everywhere and I even played “hair-dresser” with him. I was so afraid when he needed a trip to the washer machine but my mom assured me that he would not drown. Those simple days were the best.

11 years ago

When I was a baby my great aunt knitted me a blanket which i carried around everywhere for years. I called it booboo. It has really soft silky lining around the edge and it was my favorite color, yellow.

11 years ago

What a cute little bear!! My favorite blanket is one that I made a few years ago with vintage hawaiian shirts I picked up at a thrift store! It is so cuddly and warm!

Cam W.
11 years ago

My first stuffed animal was a stuffed turtle that my mom got for me after I had surgery, it was the cutest thing and I named it squirt because I had adored the movie Finding Nemo!”

11 years ago

my favorite stuffed animal ever would have to be my stuffed dog i creatively named “doggy” when i was five. it was one of a pair that my mom bought when my grandpa (her dad) died. there was once a smaller one that was supposed to be mine while the larger one was hers. eventually i completely took over both and then later lost the smaller one. i fine it hard to sleep without doggy even to this day

11 years ago

My favorite stuffed animal was a doll my mom picked out for me at a craft sale. She was made entirely of cloth and had a really cute blue floral dress.

11 years ago

Never to old for a soft cuddly creature! He’s adorable! Thanks for the opportunity to win somethin’ so sweet!
cmacwher at gmail dot com ! ;0) Happy Wednesday!

11 years ago

Oh my goodness, is that not the cutest bear ever??? I’d call him Bear Blue Eyes ;) I love stuffed animals. I’ll admit it. I am 23 and love them, I still sleep with a couple. Honestly, this might be one of the coolest bears I have ever seen. He is so colorful which I love!!
My first/Favorite bear was named Gumdrop. He was one of the Gund bears that were shaped to hug, chocolate brown with a white half-moon shape on his belly. I carried him everywhere. Unfortunately he had an accident with an electric heater when he fell off my bed and because fried orange gumdrop, but I still love him… that’s right, I still have him to this day 23 years after the fact. I think he needs a new friend :)

11 years ago

My first stuffed animal was a baby panda that I got (21 yrs ago today) on the day I was born. I still have it is is fuzzy and has a secret pouch where you can put little things. I used to carry a poly pocket toy set in it where ever I went as a little girl. and to this day it still sits on my bed. I cant sleep with out it.

kelly k.
11 years ago

My favorite stuffed animal was given to me because I had the chicken pox. My little brother picked out the biggest doodle bear he could find at the toy store. It was only a few inches shorter than me and I carried it around everywhere with me and named it Fuzzums after Dede’s bear on Dexter’s Laboratory. I’ve never been able to get rid of it and I had to bring it with me when I was living in the dorms at Purdue.

Linsey G
11 years ago

My first and favorite stuffed animal was Pladdy the Platypus! He was adorable and so unique! Perfect for toddler hugs and naps. I loved his beak off…literally :]

Angela Y.
11 years ago

Instead of sleeping with a cuddly soft stuffed animal, i chose to sleep with a yellow plastic spatula when i was younger. My parents tried to switch it for a bear or some sort of animal but i just loved that spatula!! they would try to hide it away in the kitchen but i would go search it out.. His name was Henry and he was my best friend :]

11 years ago

My blanket’s name is Scooby. i take him everywhere even now and i’m starting college in the fall. Scooby is extremely soft and of course has scooby-doo on it. When i was little i used to never let my mom wash him and he would get jelly and milk all over him. It would get so gross that she would sneak and wash him while i was playing. Of course now i wash him all the time but i still love him just as much.

brittney k.
11 years ago

i had a white tc kitty cat and i took it everywhere with me. One time i remember we were getting off our boat and it was like in the fall so fairly cold and i dropped the kittie in the water , i was so horriified and i jumped in after it, the water was really cold but at least i got my cat back!

11 years ago

My first bears name was Teddy (extremely original, right?) And, even though I’m 26, own a house & business, live with my boyfriend, etc I still have him hanging out in my bedroom. I’m not planning on growing up any time soon (and feel pretty lucky to live with someone who doesn’t think I’m completely nuts !)

11 years ago

My favorite stuff animal was Rolly from 101 dalmatians. My twin sister gave him to me as Christmas gift. I took him every where with me. After many adventures in the rinse cycle of the washing machine he lost his collar and his eyeballs started to rub off. I had to perform many magic marker eye operations. I still have him today…tucked away :) I just cant seem to throw him away.

Anna MacChesney
11 years ago

My favorite stuffed animal is a white bear with a big brown nose. His name is Schlepp! He’s very soft and adorable with a big round belly, black eyes and long brown nose.