July Catalog!

Hooray! Our July catalog drops today, and should be hitting your mailboxes any time now! We are so excited about this book because of the wonderful photographers we used! Lina Scheynius is a Swedish photographer who shoots with a free form, sometimes using polaroids! The more close-up studio shots in the catalog were taken by Crackerfarm Photographers, (who often work with us in our web studio as well) and these shots focus on the apparel that we love!
The locations we used for this book were an old brownstone house, and a photography studio in New York, NY. The old brownstone had fabulous old wallpaper, so the walls became a lot of the backdrops in the catalog!
As for apparel themes, jackets are a big part of this book – we love them layered with many items, or even over a simple top or dress!
Click here to check out the online version of the catalog!

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11 years ago

loved the photos, especially the fabulous wallpapers!
i thought this catalog had a more urban outfitters look to it

11 years ago

received this yesterday and once again I was blown away! I even blogged about it :)
Have a been a huge fan on Lina for a while, so glad you guys got her to shoot for you!!!

11 years ago

Yay, I can’t wait to get it in the mail!

Fancy Pants
11 years ago

Random, but in addition to the clothing I love the bed frame used in the catalog–any idea where it’s from?

11 years ago

i absolutely LOVED the styling in the july catalog…it seriously made me want everything ! keep up the good work fp :)

11 years ago

I don’t know how is possible to love this store more than I do already!!!!!!! hey Im from chile. I’m 15 but the thing is that all I want to do is design there couldnt be nothing i like the most than being able to design looks like the ones of free people I’m like crazy about it and maybe you guys know good universities so I could go there study
by the way excellent job

11 years ago

Oh my gosh! Free People, you’ve done it again! I am in looooooove :) I have to say–my favorite outfit is the outfit on the left on page 27. (The short haired woman in the fedora and black skinny denim leggings.) That outfit is cute, boyish, and totally new wave!! I ordered the outfit right away, even the fedora. I am so excited to wear it!! :) Thanks FP! I love you!

11 years ago

it seems like FP is trying to go in a more edgy punk direction. this catalog reminded me a lot of how urban outfitters styles their looks. not sure i will buy much from your new collection but i have to say that the catalog was pretty great.