Result: Free People Fashion Illustration Contest!

I am really excited to announce the winner of the Free People Fashion Illustration Contest!
It was wonderful to see how talented all the Free People girls out there are, and it was hard to pick a winner because there were so many amazing illustrations!
And now without further ado, our winner, Katie Rodgers!

You can check out all the entries right here on our Flickr account- they’re awesome, have a look!
And if you didn’t win this time around, don’t lose hope! We have more events in the works. Stay tuned!

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Emily Rodgers
11 years ago

I have been checking everyday to see who the winner was!! Although I was sad that mine wasn’t chosen, I am highly impressed by Katie’s illustration, it is breathtaking!

Lizzie Leung
11 years ago

Katie – Congrats!! I love all the dreamy colors in your drawing!
FP – I was looking through the entries, and I couldn’t find mine. :(

11 years ago

I love this one the most too! Very pretty!

11 years ago

Thanks to all of you! I’m glad you liked my illustration :).
I looked through the other entries, and there were so many amazing ones!!

Chloe C
11 years ago

so fun to see all the entries. I was struck by how many girls selected the purple one shoulder top to illustrate. Katie is clearly a winner.

11 years ago

wow some really amazing entries! katie’s is absolutely lovely!