video mini-giveaway!

Hey everyone – we need your opinions! We would love your input on our videos, and if you help us out, you could win a $5 Free People gift card!
All you have to do is head over to our YouTube channel and look around, and then leave a comment on this post answering two questions:
1 – Which of our videos do you like the best?
2- What sorts of videos would you like to see us make?
Many of our videos were created as a result of suggestions from our customers – we want to know what you like!
Tomorrow, at about this time, we will close up the comments and choose 10 comments at random. If your comment is one of those chosen, we’ll send you a $5 FP gift card! It’s that easy!
Thank you so much for your help!
Free People YouTube Channel

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11 years ago

I love the video of the model casting call in NYC a couple of weeks ago because I went to it! It was cool to see a “behind the scenes” of the event.
I’d love to see more behind the scenes type videos, including how you go about designing and choosing the pieces that you sell. Also, I love the interior design of your stores, especially the fitting rooms! It would be cool to show how your stores are designed and put together before opening.
I’m an avid reader of this blog; keep up the great work!

11 years ago

1. I absolutely adore your Style Recipes and showed my friends last week! The model is adorable and the music in both is great (I’ve actually downloaded both of the songs). Plus I love how each outfit that’s put together demonstrates how versatile each FP piece is (for example, a top can be worn as a skirt, etc.)
And I love the tutorials!
2. I love the videos of employees of FP and I think it would be cool to do more interviews (including models), maybe asking how people would describe their style, or what is a piece in their wardrobe they can’t live without? I love that in past videos we’ve gotten to see the personalities of the people behind the clothes, the guys that make it all happen! And maybe everyone’s style may seem similar, but their inspiration could be drawn from many different places! That would be cool to hear!

Kieshaun Crawford
11 years ago

The best video is the Free People: Looking Back 1970’s-2005! Its great to see how Free People always put out the best clothing trends!
I would like to see more behind the scenes videos that delve into how they put the looks together (make up, hair, etc.) for the photo shoots

11 years ago

Hmm, it’s a toss up between your hair and your makeup videos. But I like the Beach Hair video. And I’m always up for more of both of those! :D

11 years ago

1 – Which of our videos do you like the best? I love the style videos as well as the ones of real employees. It not only helps us, the customer, to achieve that FP look but it helps us to see that the people behind FP are just as real as we are.
2- What sorts of videos would you like to see us make? I would like to see you continue to give suggestions on how to put together certain outfits, achieve certain make-up & hair styles, as well as more behind the scenes vids. :) Oh & maybe even some DIY tutorials?
Thanks FP!

11 years ago

I really liked the how to style video. sometimes there are so many options on how to wear one thing or what to style it with, that it’s nice to have a little guidance. keep it coming with these kinds of videos!

Kaitlyn Schwab
11 years ago

1) I LOVE the DIY Free People catalog hair/makeup videos and I also really love the DIY FP store displays videos. They are all really inspiring and now I have a room full of FP displays and a bunch of cute hair ideas for a night out.
2) As for more videos, I would really like to see more of the people who all help contribute to Free People. I love how the blog always has interviews of FP workers or “Today’s Office Style” on them. Maybe you should incorporate some interviews or Office life into fpgirls videos. And add more Free People out-takes (like Free People: Dance Party Outtake) They are extremely funny

11 years ago

I love the hair videos! The instructions are easy to follow, and the hairstyles always look great!
I’d like to see more hairstyle videos!

11 years ago

1 – My favorite type of video are the Style Recipe ones with the models putting together different outfits, it was really interesting to see the creative & versatile ways you guys style the clothes. It’s a real inspiration and makes me want to buy more Free People clothing because you can wear it so many different ways!
2- Some videos I would like to see you guys make are where you guys get your inspiration and unique fabrics and designs, I think that would be really interesting because no other brand even comes close to being as creative and unique as Free People!
I love Free People and this blog, you guys are amazing!

Cristina Noel
11 years ago

The Beach Hair Tutorial was definitely my favorite. It was easy to understand, slow enough to follow along, and clear enough to produce the same amazing results. I used the video to guide me as I did my hair for work this morning and I got tons of compliments even from my boss!!
The videos I’d like to see in the future would definitely have to be the ones on how to wear the shirts and make them into so many different styles. They are SO helpful and very doable. They encourage me to take the risk to purchase the more daring tops you sell.

11 years ago

1. My favorite video has to be the one on a day in the life of a Free People intern, mainly because I’d love to work for your company!
2. I’d love to see more behind the scenes videos! I really enjoy learning about Free People’s mission :)

Teeny Squish
11 years ago

1. My favorite video is the makeup tutorial for the yellow and pink, fairy, dusted-on look. So gorgeous!
2. I LOVE the tutorial videos and I’d love to see more of those–behind-the-scenes stuff, how the set for the catalog was arranged, how the video shoot was done, hair and makeup, styling, all of it–I LOVE the Free People world.

11 years ago

I love the beach hair tutorial video, but all the tutorial/how to videos are great!
I would like to see more interview videos, like with the free people designers, stylists, models, etc.

Nicole cupcakes
11 years ago

1 – Free People: April 2009 Style Recipe
2- how to dress up and dress down necklaces and how to wear scarves

11 years ago

I love the how to videos with the make up and hairstyles. Its great to see how to get the look of the free people girls!
I’d like to see more behind the scenes videos! I like seeing what goes on with this amazing brand!

Jill Baylon
11 years ago

Hey free people I really like your beach waves video it looks really simple and easy and really cute!!!! I think it would be cool and I like the how to braid video and the convertible top videos are too the braids are sooo cute and I thought it would be really hard. The tops are really cool too!!!!! I think it would be cool if you could post videos on jewelry and accessories, cause I always wanna see and know what cool accessories are coming out!!! Thanks a lot I love your store:)

11 years ago

My favorite video is the garden variety office one! I love the effect of the stationary focal point with fast-forwarded flurries of activity surrounding it.
I would loooove to have more hair/make-up how-to videos, though.

11 years ago

I love the behind the scenes and how-to from the visual display team. I would love to see more pictures on displays and store window displays. They are always so creative.

11 years ago

I love the how to videos and hair and makeup.. i also love the casting call video.
I would lovee to see videos of how your clothes are made!

11 years ago

I love the how to videos and hair and makeup.. i also love the casting call video.
I would lovee to see videos of how your clothes are made!

11 years ago

I like the garden video, showing how it all came together.
I would like to see more how to videos. Also see how you can mix and match clothes!

11 years ago

1. My favorite video is a tie between “Free People Interns” because I would LOVE to be a Free People Intern in the future and the “Free People: Beach Hair Tutorial” because I always love how the models’ hair looks in your catalogues and its great to get some tips of how to do it yourself!
2. I really love all of the how-to videos! I would like to see more videos of how you did the models hair and/or makeup, the making of store displays, which I used “Free People Summer 2009” for ideas when decorating my bedroom, and even what goes into the making of the catalogue!

11 years ago

my favorite video is the beach hair video. it is really informative, and totally something i would try–i love beachy looking hair!! it is so free people and so effortless looking. i would like to see more hair tutorials and some more behind the scenes for the catalog shoots.

11 years ago

1. My favorite video has always been the first.. Free People Girl. I love the feel of it, it completely represents the Free People company and how mellowness and beautiful Free People clothing can bring you happiness :)!
2. I would love to see more artsy/musical videos representing the Free People company and what more it has to bring to its fans!

Terri Pawelski
11 years ago

I really like the 2009 Style Recipe with Jenny. It shows how well your FP clothes work together and how you can dress an outfit up or down. I also like that it gives viewers ideas about how to wear items they might not otherwise think of putting together for a great outfit