i got an email this weekend from one of our creative directors, merrie. she spends a lot of time in india, and shared this story with me about a little boy she befriended:
“this little boy’s name is anshu.

his family lives on the grounds of our friend kundan’s office and his father is the gardener.
kundan has developed a soft spot for him as he’s grown up because he is so ‘street smart’. he loves hanging with the big guys and doing what they do.
so, kundan decided to send him to a school that teaches english, which is the ticket to a better life in india. the school started only a few weeks ago, and we don’t know if the family will see the value of a good education over the years to come, but we are trying…hopefully it’s the start of something bigger.
i figured out no one had ever taught him his colors, so now everyday after ‘tutions’ he stops by our office and sorts my colors with me. (i work on my hindi, and he works on both hindi and english).”

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14 years ago

This made me smile :)
“be the change you wish to see in the world”

14 years ago

It would be awesome if free people came out with some sort of product in which part of the proceeds would go to this little boys education :)
and maybe in the future expand that idea to reach out to more children in need!

tina Thorndycraft
14 years ago

Thank you for sharing this story. I have experienced this first hand having lived in India for a year.
There are so many children that need help in this Country. Good on you for making a difference in his life.

14 years ago

This is an awesome story. My eyes welled up a little! we really take all this for granted and it is nice to know, there is support out there.

14 years ago

hi merrie
May god bless you and kundan abundantly for all your love and efforts !!
Warm Regards