sugar…oh, honey honey

from our marketing manager, kathryn… :)
my brother and his partner, who live one of my many dream lives, spend 3 months out of the year here in philadelphia with family and the rest of the year in their home in hawaii. they, among other things, are local beekeepers. before they left this year, they harvested the hives and left me with a jar of local, organic honey. you can see the difference between the smaller jar of honey that was harvested here, and the darker honey from hawaii. apparently, when done organically, the color depends on the flowers the bees choose to collect pollen. check out their website to learn more about organic, biodynamic honey. i’d like to learn how to keep bees eventually when I have some space, but for now i’ll enjoy these gifts from them. wanted to give them some love for the cool things they are doing. xo.

a few interesting notes about honey and beekeeping…
1. it is said that eating local honey can help prevent and tame outside allergies.
2. there are said to be 212,000 beekeepers in the US, and about 95% of them are hobbyists.
3. the white house vegetable garden is home to a hive.


  1. have you heard about all the bees disappearing? its called colony collapse disorder (ccd) and they dont know whats causing it.. pretty sad :(. My sister LOVES LOVES LOVES bees and hopes to be a bee keeper someday but for now we have pet mason bees.. which is super fun! you just get little homes and the bees come find them & pollinate your garden.. mason bees are also known as the bee that doesnt sting (PLUS!).. you guys should look into it :)

  2. the honey is awesome! and so is the dog, yes…
    she’s part australian shepherd, mixed with something her mom still hasn’t ascertained. :)

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