catalog polaroids

our october catalog, which dropped yesterday, was shot in maine this year. here are some polaroids from the shoot that we thought you’d enjoy…

and here is our crew working and enjoying some food together.

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14 years ago

Hey! :) I’ve asked a few times but haven’t yet seen a reply..when is the gift catalog that the fans shot october 4/5? When is it coming out? I’m sure we all want to see that, I know I do :D. Pls say something, let us know what’s happening with that. Is it coming out? Will we get to see it???
Thank you Free People!

14 years ago

hey there, the book comes out sometime in mid- to late-november!!!

14 years ago

is that models name etta? i beleive i met her at hugs in williamsburg and shes gorg!! loved the pics in the oct catalouge.