cmj in nyc

the 2009 cmj music marathon and film festival starts today in new york city. cmj spans five days and showcases hundreds of new acts playing small shows at a variety of venues in the city. highlights include atlas sound, who we posted about earlier today, playing two shows (tonight and tomorrow night), and the very best, playing tomorrow night. for a full list of bands, venues and showtimes click here.

also if you haven’t heard of the very best, check out their song warm heart of africa featuring ezra koenig of vampire weekend…i dig it.
you can listen to it on their myspace page here.
if you’re going to any cmj shows tell us how they are and send pics!


  1. Hi Emily – we just did a post asking for people to send us halloween costume ideas and suggestions earlier today. i’m going to post some of the responses that i get next week!
    also look for some fun DIY posts in the near future…one coming up tomorrow :)

  2. that song was on the urban outfitters playlist #7…theres a bunch of other goodies on the list but that song is def one of the best!

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