portrait of a free people girl

one of our free people fans, giovanna, sent us this awesome illustration that was inspired by woodstock and her favorite brand, free people!

giovanna is from peru and she’s passionate about art and design. her blog is great too, check it out: http://bohomarket.blogspot.com/
thanks for sharing!


  1. This illustration is awesome! I love it, Thanks for sharing
    I visited her blog as well and it’s very beautiful. Free People rock!

  2. Giovanna you are a very talented woman!! I know you will succeed in all that you do! xoxo cariƱos desde pr.

  3. Congratulations Giovanna! The illustration is adorable. You’re talented and will go far as a fashion designer!

  4. Hi guys! I just came across your blog from Giovanna’s blog. I didn’t know you guys have a blog!! I’m a fan of your clothes :)
    I love this illustration, it’s perfect for Free People!

  5. Hello Free People! I was searching through your blog and this illustration is my favorite! You should put it on your catalogue, it’s so free people :) By the way, your clothes are the best!
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Love her illustration! I’d love to see more of her work.
    By the way love the new FP catalog

  7. it really helped me find my personal style, especially i’m a teenager i’m so confused at some point.

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