1. Thank you thank you thank you. It is quite the gloomy Monday morning here in Missouri, and Bob Dylan is my absolute favorite artist of all time. What a great post to brighten my day! :)

  2. today i am to present a proposal for a rhetorical presentation i am to present to my popular culture class as my final. i narrowed down my topics to two: the beatles and their drastic change of sound throughout the 60s or bob dylan and his protesting lyrics during the vietnam war.
    i take this quote as a sign!
    thank you kindly!

  3. Ahhh Bob Dillan, a staple in my time even in 2009 at age sixteen. An icon of the time when chaos was a gift of music and flamboyance, a time i wished i lived but simply settle to love. Think me naive in todays day and age but life rolls on and i roll with. Bob Dylan will live on with the decades yet refuse to change for he already left his mark. I will make my mark in the future though it may be small. Change the world one song and soul at a time. This qoute brightened my night ;)

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