vintage photographs

finding a great vintage item (especially t-shirts for me) is like stumbling upon your own personal treasure. it’s unique and personal and immediately special.
these photographs were brought in by our marketing manager, who recently discovered them at her grandmother’s house. she’s trying to come up with a cool way to display them at home…they’re of her grandparents in their younger years, and not only are they awesome because they’re vintage, but they’re simply great photos too. check ‘em out… as you can see the sizes are different than your typical 3×5 or 5×7. if you have any great ideas, i’m sure she’d love suggestions :)

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14 years ago

Hi! I recently went to the International Center of Photography in New York City and I saw a great exhibit by Lorna Simpson featuring vintage photographs. She placed them in small individual black frames for each of photos and scattered them all over a very large wall. Check out the link below, or go see the exhibit. I think it’s a fantastic idea for your marketing manager to use. Although maybe in colorful or accented frames?

14 years ago

the exhibit looks very cool! thanks!!!

14 years ago

These are so cool, I love vintage!!!!!