best music of 2009

with today being “tunesday” and all, i thought it was a good time to ask everyone out there…what were your favorite songs and albums of the year? it’s been an awesome year in music, in my opinion, so there’s lots of great stuff to choose from. animal collective, black joe lewis & the honeybears, edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros and grizzly bear released four of my favorite albums this year.

send me your choices for the best songs and albums…i’ll compile a list and reveal the top ten at the end of the year!

you can leave them in the comments section or email me,


  1. Bat for Lashes – Two Suns
    St. Vincent – Actor
    Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
    Bowerbirds – Upper Air (not only do I love this band, but they used my photographs for the album!)
    Kings of Convenience – Declaration of Dependence

    And my favorite artist I found out this year who doesn’t have a record label is Ivana XL. She doesn’t have a website, either, but sells ep’s on amazon and itunes (and myspace, womp womp), with really witty lyrics and a girlish voice. So I love her.

  2. I love the four albums you picked. these are my two favorite from the year:

    Monsters of Folk by Monsters of Folk

    Ruminant Band by The Fruit Bats

  3. The album “Resevoir” by UK-based, Swede-fronted Fanfarlo. Their song “Harold T. Wilkins” and “Drowning Men” are standouts, but I could hear the whole album being a great fit for the soundtrack to my Free People shopping experience. Caught them live a few nights ago. Just terrific

  4. fleet foxes – “tiger mountain peasant song”
    ingrid michaelson – “The chain” and “Giving Up”
    Dave Matthews Band….all songs!

    there is wayyy too much music to list on this post. :)

  5. The Decemberists – Hazards of Love
    The Avett Brothers – I and Love and You. produced by Rick Rubin, this album is nothing short of amazing.

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