A Girl we much LOVE


Isabel Lucas is a girl I admire so much. I love her relaxed approach to fashion, she never looks boring. I find there’s always little touches to her outfits that intrigues me whether it’s a floral scarf, a little pinch of embroidery or a wicked vintage T. She knows how to use fashion to create a style that works for her personality and comfort zone. Above all, she has a great heart. She’s an active volunteer for so many charities that it’s hard to keep track of her. One of her most recent being Sea Shephard.

She’s my favorite muse, I heart her!


  1. Wow, my sister and I have loved Isabel for a while now (her and Keira Knightley <3) and we were just saying how "free people" she is :) We were thinking how amazing she would be for the catalog (one of the models in the second to last catalog resembles her).

    This blog is absolutely lovely :)

  2. She is so cute, I love her hair and laid back style. I agree with above; she is very “free people” and would be perfect for your catalog/campaign, she’s such a good Samaritan too, not your average pretty celeb x

  3. I think she will be great for a free people catalog too- I might just promote that within the office, she would look adorable in our clothes. Jemma x

  4. She is my favorite! She was in the heartbreaking documentary The Cove about the yearly dolphin slaughters in Taiji Japan. She’s my biggest inspiration!!

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