fp calendar download!

happy friday everyone! i have a special treat for you today- our image team put together an awesome calendar for everyone at the home office, and we’re going to offer it to you all as a download each month!

since we’re already halfway through the month, today you get both january and february- just click on the images to go to our flickr page, download the large size, and enjoy :)

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that is the sweetest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nicole cupcakes

does anyone know how to dowload it on a mac? or are we just saving the image?

LOVE IT! Thanks!!!! Can’t wait to download it!

Chloe C

nice! Thank you.


LOVE IT!!! Thank you! :D

Sea Salt

i always enjoy your backgrounds! they’re awesome!

awesome artwork!

Hi..I love your artwork calendar…Its beautiful and I can’t wait to download it.

Sarah Mak

I don’t know if you still need this information, Nicole Cupcakes, BUT if you don’t then this is for anyone that does.

For downloading on a Mac you just click on the image so your browser finds it on Flickr. and then once you get to Flickr on the top left hand corner of the image there’s a link for “All Sizes” and then click that and then it’ll say in bold “Download the Large Size.” This will then (if programmed this way) will save into your downloads :)

Good luck!


are there gonna be calendars for the rest of the months too? (:

I love these downloads, are we getting a March one? I’m looking forward to it!