don’t you love this adorable little coin purse? well we want to give it away! all you have to do is tell us what your favorite blog post was from the past year! leave your favorite post in the comments section by the end of the day tomorrow, and we’ll pick one at random…just make sure to leave your email address so we can contact you if you win!

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katy s
11 years ago

My favorite blog post of the year was “2009 memories”. I can’t believe it’s 2010!

11 years ago

Ooo elephant! Can’t resist!

Chelsea S
11 years ago

My favorite blog post was “Monday Quote” This quote, “keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.”
– walt whitman is AMAZING and has become one of my favorites.

I even have a quote journal (like off a walk to remember!)

11 years ago

my favorites are all the times you post the random images that inspire you, like all the winter images just recently, i compiled them into a collage and it’s now my desktop image! i love those photos that just feel good and are found random places! :)

11 years ago

ah! love elephants and love this!

Brittany Rayne
11 years ago


11 years ago

I love the posts where you show what’s happening at FP headquarters, personal photos, etc. It’s great to see behind the scenes!

11 years ago

I love the elephants! I love this site, the photos and clothes are wonderful!Always checking to see what is new.

11 years ago

I could really use a new coin purse. Very cute this one is.

nicole cupcakes
11 years ago

My favorite Memoralble blog post of 2009″

was the different ways to make christmas trees, like the ladders, photos etc thought that was soooo AWESOME!

11 years ago

My favorite post was “a fairytale wedding”. I have never seen such a beautiful wedding in all my life!

11 years ago

brian andreas
September 28th, 2009

His artwork is awesome! :)

11 years ago

um this!? LOooove this so much! Its gorgeous, beautiful, so cute! :D

11 years ago

My favorite ost was the pumpkin pancakes! My mother and I made them right away! Delish!

11 years ago

I loved the “a little bit of London” from July. first of all, i love london, so that made me so happy… and i loved seeing all the stylish girls- and getting fashion ideas for myself. also, elephants- love!

11 years ago

november 13th, 2009…it was the first blog post i read about edward sharpe & the magnetic zeroes. since then a love affair has commenced!

11 years ago


was my FAVORITE post this year. I was so amazed and inspired by this video. Thank you for keeping such a beautiful blog. I visit every day. :)

11 years ago

My favorite was also Fairytale Wedding- AMAZING.

11 years ago

My favorite post was about ‘alternative christmas trees.’ I absolutely loved how creative these DIY ideas were! It actually inspired me to accent one of my bedroom walls with real tree branches to give it a cozy, wintry feel!

11 years ago

My favorite is…..light breakfast
June 27th, 2009 / Posted by fpgirl / Permalink……My birthday’s in June……and that made me smile XD

11 years ago

I absolutely love the DIY posts! I’ve made several headbands with the help of FP.

11 years ago

love this video…. AND THE MUSIC!

11 years ago

I liked the blog 2009 memories.

11 years ago

My favorite was the blog on the antique watches! Such a great idea and led me to find some really cool old watches!! Keep the blogs coming in 2010, WE LOVE FP!

11 years ago

The “Free People Style Event” post on August 18th, 2008 was my favorite ever because it featured a picture of my sister & I dressed in… [youguessedit] FREE PEOPLE! :D