never tear us apart

i just posted part two of our new store playlist, which includes the classic INXS song “never tear us apart” …and in an interesting coincidence, the music video for the song was shot in prague! check it out:

Never Tear Us Apart INXS from Miguel Ángel Belenda on Vimeo.


  1. Dear Free People,
    This isn’t a response to any one post in particular, just your blog in general. I’m currently studying abroad in Ireland was particularly missing my home in Philadelphia. Reading your blog and seeing your pictures makes me a bit nostalgic for the states, but in the most comforting way.
    I love everything you post and it’s definitely inspiring me to make the best out of my trip and not dwell on missing home.
    Always, Brittany

  2. Hi Brittany – thanks for your comment! so glad you like the blog, and don’t worry, philly will still be here when you get back :) have an amazing time in ireland!

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