eggs with love

how cute is this for a valentine’s day breakfast?!


heat up a pan with a little bit of oil. set your cooker to a low heat or you will burn the eggs. place your heart shaped cookie cutter in to the center of the pan, with the smooth side down or you might end up scratching the pan.

crack an egg and pour it in to the center of the cookie cutter. a bit of egg will probably slip under the cutter so hold it down to ensure that most of it doesn’t.

use a spatula to remove any excess egg from the outside of the cookie cutter. remove the cookie cutter and let the egg cook for a few more seconds before removing it with the spatula.

you can use this same method for heart-shaped pancakes too!



  1. Hi I want to buy four items and have been waiting for free shipping! Will FP have free shipping or any discounts for Valentines? I’m afraid my favorites will be gone soon!

  2. I love when my husband surprises me with Breakfast in Bed… He has made these many times… very romantic on valentines day and on days you are not expecting it….

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