fp clarendon girls

i was looking at some of our stores’ facebook pages the other day and saw that our clarendon store had posted a bunch of really cute pics of themselves trying on some of their favorite new looks from fp! check ‘em out:






i love it, you guys look great!!


  1. I love this! &all of the clothes!
    Nice to see what you really do at work!
    4th picture down, I love ! (;

  2. fun to see the clothes on real girls (*not knocking the models!)
    & obviously the girls were having a good time with the clothes.

  3. I agree with the commenter above – the employees always look so great, and it would be nice to see some of the “real” FP girls in the catalog/website shoots.

  4. That’s awesome! I do aggree that the employees always look put together very well and soooo cute! ;-) Very inspiring and helpful when shopping!


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