Free People girls

One of our creative’s put together a lovely snapshot of each girl that categorizes each of our trends. So now you can put a visual image to each name.The girls are all from past catalogs, which is even better!

I thought they were kinda cool and a good way to adapt to the looks in the future. So here you go. Maybe they’ll stick in your mind too.

Candy  = the lacey, pretty girl

Meadow = the bohemian girl

Ginger = the body con girl

Sandy  = the beach girl

Lou    = the boy girl

Which girl do you think you are?   

We’d love to know!


  1. Definitely Lou! I love the oversized tops matched with skinnies and tough boots. Accessorize with multiple long necklaces and maybe some bracelets and you’ve got my everyday look! I can only pull it off due to free people sytlin’s, though ;)

  2. ..humm…probably a bit of each girls, except the Candy one!…don’t know what is the meaning of ‘lacey’, but never been The ‘pretty’ girl..not the ‘typical’ one!

  3. candy for sure, i love lace, and intricate detail, but there is definitely a little bit of Lou in me too–i like to mix it up :)

  4. a mix of Sandy, Candy and Ginger…depending on on my mood and the occasion…and that I am more than a little indecisive and looove having fun with FP fashion!! :)

  5. i’m definitely a combination of sandy/lou… i am kind of a tomboy/athletic girl but i’m also a beach bum! i love shorts, tank tops, simple clothes… yeah, i wish it was summer right now, can you tell? :D

  6. im definitely a mix between meadow and candy! i have a wardrobe filled with flirtatious frills accompanied by laid back skirts and sexy bohemian pieces :D

  7. I’m mostly Ginger, some Candy and Sandy. I like the waist-defining, low-cut but still pretty/girly tops and dresses. I’m glad my tastes are represented in the 5 types!

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