1. joe anderson.
    he was brilliant in across the universe…and though he’s english, he does a swell american accent.

  2. An unknown runway model so our tendency toward or against any actor would not interfere too heavily with our memories of Kurt!!

  3. Brad Pitt LOL…no…seriously….unknown would give life to hollywood and this biopic…where are all the nobodies?? Am I right??? Indie band this, indie artist that…indie actor, maybe??

  4. joe anderson was my first thought too! that scene in ATU when evan rachel wood is singing blackbird, and he is sitting on the docks, he looks JUUUUST like kurt! i’ve thought that since the first few [cough*6*cough] times I saw ATU in theatres!!

  5. Not that I wouldn’t LOVE to indulge my deep love (obsession) for Kurt Cobain through a well made movie…but I’m not sure I agree that it should be made.
    I just don’t think it would be honoring him in an apporopriate way to create a corporate level movie about him that will rake in tons of money.
    That’s not what he was about in my opinion…”no one is special, no player royalty”.
    Check out the film “About a Son”…it’s in Kurt’s own words. Not a holloywood interpretation.
    Thank you.

  6. WOW, my heart sinks..that’s a lovely picture of him. He was such an amazing artist. I don’t know who should play him. Honestly no one compares.

  7. Hands down Joe Anderson. It was said earlier, but it can’t be said enough. He was in Across The Universe and even did a movie called “The 27 Club” I most definitely think he can handle the intensity of the role, he looks and sounds identical to Kurt, it’s almost scary. Michael Pitt played a roll similar to Kurt in Gus Van Sant’s “Last Days.” He doesn’t look like Kurt but can handle dark characters better than any other actor I know, and he’s not mainstream which would be key for this movie. You can’t have someone with a status like Brad Pitt’s playing Kurt Cobain or it will not tribute him the way he deserves. But my vote is for Joe Anderson. If he doesn’t take the role, I don’t know who else would.

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